5 Changes You Need to Make in Your 2017 Social Media Strategy

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new strategy. If you didn’t perform as well as you wish you’d performed last year or you’re simply looking to reach new heights of engagement, it’s worth investigating what changes you can make to revamp your social media strategy.

2017 Social Media Strategy

Since everyone uses social media to talk to customers nowadays, the way customers need to be engaged has started to evolve. By changing a few things, you’ll be able to reach them in the way they want to be reached.

  1. Improve Your Targeting

You could be pulling yourself in a million different directions for no real reason. If the majority of your customers aren’t using a particular platform, there’s no reason for you to devote any money or time trying to reach them there. Make sure you’re doubling down your efforts where your customers actually are. Platforms like Facebook are good for just about everything, but there’s no reason to manage a Tumblr if your target audience consists of mostly business professionals.

  1. Incorporate a Personality

Some people follow brands on social media simply because they enjoy the witty, original content that the brand posts. If you’re only sharing generalized information, you aren’t giving your followers anything to engage with. By allowing your social media team members to assume the personality of your brand, you’re creating content that’s fun to read. People will want to get in on the conversation if they can feel the spirit behind it.

  1. Start Talking to People

If you want the comments and re-tweets to keep pouring in, make sure you’re responding to them. Social media is more than just a way to reach your target audience – it’s a way to provide them with excellent customer service. Talk to them, and let them know they matter. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities you can find to turn a simple comment into a memorable exchange that will make your customers feel valued.

  1. Add New Content

If you haven’t already incorporated video content into your strategy, the time has come to step up your game. Platforms like Facebook have already given mobile users the option to switch to a video only news feed. If you want to stay just as visible as your competitors, you’ll need to tread in the same territory. If you don’t have a team of video content creators, it’s well worth posting a wanted ad on Gumtree. The sooner you move into video content, the better off you’ll be.

  1. Emphasize Entertainment

If all you’re doing is promoting your business, you’re not going to retain your followers for very long. You wouldn’t subscribe to a constant feed of commercials, and your followers aren’t looking to do that either. Promotion is a necessary part of your social media strategy, but it can’t dominate your content. Use a subtle approach when promoting, and spend the rest of your time posting content that your followers will find entertaining. Anything relating to your niche or the lifestyle your brand serves will do the trick.

When planning this year’s social media strategy, make sure you compare it to last year’s. It should place an emphasis on the things that worked while eradicating the things that didn’t. Any changes you make should cater to the more successful elements of your previous strategy.


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