5 Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Twitter

The two most popular social media websites today are Facebook and Twitter. While both of them are equally successful and popular, the constant light hearted discussion is which is better than the other? Both have their own unique features and purposes but here is a list of 5 reasons as to why Facebook is better than Twitter.

1: User Interface:

Ever since its inception Facebook has undergone drastic changes with the way the layout of the website is planned and how to go about it. The current interface being the best, it can be said that Facebook is better than Twitter because it has a better and more user friendly interface in comparison to Twitter.

Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Twitter


2: Interactions:

Twitter allows you to follow whomever you want; as a result personal interaction on Twitter is lesser. On Facebook, it is predominantly your friends that are privy to your profile; it enables you to share information which is more personal in nature.  Facebook is better than Twitter because it enables personal interactions with those you connect with.

Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Twitter Interactions

3: Connecting with People:

Facebook helps you remain connected, virtually with people that you know. It is not possible to physically interact with all the people you know in your life. Facebook enables you to virtually keep in touch with them. Twitter is to just know the opinions of people via tweets and it does really help you know what is happening n your friend’s life.  On Facebook you can keep a track of people’s birthdays, important life events, Facebook memories allows you nostalgically recollect old memories and so on.

Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Twitter Connecting with People

4: Quality of Content:

Twitter only allows you to tweet what you are thinking. This is like mini-blogging, where short and precise opinions or comments are shared. Facebook on the other hand allows a full-fledged blogger to explore his opportunities. You can share long posts, links to other articles, and descriptive captions to pictures. Twitter is just to inform people about what the deal is. On this count facebook is better than Twitter.

5: Marketing:

Many businesses use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to market their products as it is an efficient portal to spread the word and interact with potential customers. However the question is which is better? (Although most of them have a presence on both) Facebook is better than Twitter for marketing because getting people to like your page will open up doors for a lot more interaction than Twitter does. On one page you can share endless information, directly interact and so on.

Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Twitter Marketing


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