Analyzing Failed Coup in Turkey

Turks are blaming Americans for the failed coup which almost toppled the incumbent president.

Analyzing Failed Coup in Turkey

Turkey has seen its fair share of military coup since 1960s. Whenever, the stubborn generals seized power in their country, the Turks always accused America of engineering these coups. The recent failed coup in Turkey is no exception to the rule.


After the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016 by a band of some middle tier generals and a bunch of inexperienced junior officers, Turks were again blaming America, however, this time they may have enough circumstantial evidence to support their claim.

Failed coup in Turkey is still headline news all over the world. The labor minister Suleyman Soylu recently said that America was working behind the scenes in order to overthrow the elected government of president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Another minister in the government alleged that American troops also took part on the fighting that took place during the attempted coup. The situation is increasingly inching towards, a diplomatic crisis between Turkey and America.

Failed coup in Turkey may have many reasons but the most important one seems to be the increasingly warming relationship between Americans and Kurds.

Turkey has been facing a Kurdish insurgency for the past few decades. Kurdish attacks against Turkey and its people have increased manifolds recently as the war rages in neighboring Syria.

Kurds have the support of the Americans who are using the former as their boots on the ground. Moreover, Kurds are also proving to be a formidable fighting force who are able to take on the Islamic State group.

The situation is very alarming for Turkey because it thinks that the Kurds will use this opportunity to break away from the Turkish state and establish a separate country joining up with the Kurds in the North of Iraq.

Turkey thinks that Americans are acting in connivance with the Kurds in order to weaken the Turkish state which is the second most powerful nation in NATO after America. Failed coup in Turkey may also have been engineered by the Gulenists who are very active in many parts of the Turkish society.

Fethullah Gülen is a writer and a cleric. He was a former ally of Erdogan. Presently, he is residing in America. Erdogan has accused Americans of fomenting unrest in Turkey with the help of Gulen supporters.

Americans have denied allegations of involvement in the failed Turkey coup. Secretary of State, John Kerry stated that the Turk government should not use the failed coup as an excuse to clamp down on dissent.

Turkey coup arrests have reached in thousands. Moreover, a systematic purge of bureaucrats, judges and army officers is also underway. Opposition news outlets have been shut down. Turkey has also asked for the extradition of Fethullah Gulen from America. The Turk government has stated that Gulen was the mastermind behind the failed coup.

Failed coup in Turkey has given rise to many unanswered questions. It is widely known that Americans are not happy with the way Turkey is conducting the war on terrorism.

They are also worried that Turkey is more concerned about the Kurds rather than the Islamic State which is America’s top most priority. The Americans may have thought it was the right time to get rid of Erdogan and install a friendly government in Turkey.


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