Apple is Expanding Apple Pay in More Countries

The world’s most prominent company Apple is trying to expand its services in more countries of the world. Apple is expanding Apple Pay in more countries. They are expanding it to facilitate their customers.

Apple is Expanding Apple Pay in More Countries

Apple is Expanding Apple Pay in More Countries:

According to the recent news, the most advanced company in technology, Apple is expanding Apple Pay in more countries. They will expand it to other continents like Asia and Europe. This was said by the Apple’s representative on the launching ceremony of Apple Pay in Singapore. The Apple Pay service is fully activated in Singapore in order to provide facilities to its users.

The service is recently available for the people of United States, Australia, China, Canada, United Kingdom as well as Singapore. The company’s representative said that they will now launch this facility for their customers of Hong Kong. This service will launch there very soon. They are also planning to launch it in other countries. These countries include Japan as well as Spain. They are on the top in the list of launching this service. Apple is expanding Apple Pay in more countries.

The launching of this service depends on many factors. It depends on the payment services. It also includes the customer market of Apple. In addition to that, it is not compatible with all devices of Apple. You must have iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s plus or you can have the iPhone SE. Users will be allowed to buy applications of their choice through their iPad. Moreover, Apple watch users can also use this amazing facility. They can use Apple watch if they want to buy something from Apple Pay.

The company’s representative said that the service is really very successful in China. She also said that the company is grateful for the cooperation of Chinese government. Apple is expanding Apple Pay in more countries. In these countries, India is also included. Apple Pay service will be introduced in India very soon. This hint was given by the CEO Tim Cook himself in the last week. Apple users are looking forward to this amazing Apple Pay.


Apple Pay will help people in buying apps and many other things from the company. It will increase the potential customers of the company. No doubt, Apple always bring new and best services for its users. In China, the company has cooperated with 19 banks. Digital payment, debit and credit and many other services will be provided to the buyers. It is a great effort indeed. Apple Pay will focus on its important factors before launching it anywhere.


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