Apple Unveils the New Apple iPad Pro and the iPhone SE

The new devices feature unique specifications and many different colors.

Apple Unveils the New Apple iPad Pro and the iPhone SE

The American technology giant has unveiled a new 4-inch iPhone which is also known as iPhone SE, and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro. New models of the Apple Watch have also been released.

This is not all. Apple has also updated the iOS which called iOS 9.3. The latest version will also allow users in making sure that they are getting good night’s sleep.

The launching event began with an address by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Cook discussed the current row between the government and Apple regarding the encryption of the services and devices offered by the technology giant.

Apple Unveils the New Apple iPad Pro and the iPhone SE Tim Cook

Cook defended his company’s stance by saying that the company builds its devices for its customers with the belief that it would be a very personal device. He also said that as a nation American must decide how much power they are ready to divulge into the hands of their government.

Rather than a completely new device, the iPhone SE is a finer version of iPhone 5S. However, it is available in a Rose Gold color which is new offering. It looks almost identical to the 2013 release but is almost twice as fast as the iPhone 5S owing to the M9 processor within.

The iPhone SE is also accompanied by an NFC microchip which automatically makes Apple Pay available. Apple has ensured that its payment solutions are available on each and every device that it sells to its customers. The Retina Flash service is also available in the newest device.

The price of the iPhone SE in within the United Kingdom starts from 359 Pounds

Apple has also simultaneously released the new iPad.

The 9.7 –inch tablet is a rather small version of the iPad Pro that was released in September last year. The new iPad featured the most advanced camera with a 12 mega pixel lens which is the same as the iPhone 6S. The display technology – True Tone – is also included in this latest device.

The new iPad Pro is available in four different colors – Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Grey. iPad Pro also supports the pencil feature. The price of the iPad Pro 9.7 starts with 499 Pounds.


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