Bella Thorne shares sexy Snapchat underwear photo

The young model Bella Thorne is seen walking around in underwear which belongs to her beau Tyler Posey. This underwear is a boxer.

Bella Thorne sexy Snapchat underwear photo

Bella Thorne shares Snapchat video

Bella recently shared a picture of herself on a social media website in which she is seen wearing nothing but panties. Fortunately, Bella had a pair of boxers nearby which belonged to her boyfriend.

Bella just turned 19. The young teen model shared a very sexy picture of herself in underwear. In fact, only half of that thing was her underwear.

She is seen leaning against a pillar. There is a silky pink colored robe that hanging on her shoulder and reveals a peach bra. The boxers she is wearing are pretty mis-matched.

However, the caption with the picture explained that the boxers belonged to someone else. Most probably, she was referring to her boyfriend Tyler Posey.

Beside, this flimsy attire, all she is wearing is a pair of trainers that reveal her very long legs and highly toned abs. Both of them seem to be competing for the attention of the onlooker.

Obviously, Bella Thorne was in a giddy mood having strutted all around in a semblance of a dress. Bella also shared a Snapchat video of herself in the same attire along with the Snapchat underwear photo.

Walking around in a bra

Bella seems to be asking herself what she was doing walking all around in a bra?

There were no tattoos to be seen on her body which means that all of them were fakes. She was also seen in a black colored angel wing which covered almost her entire back. There were tattoos on both of her arms too.

Though, the tattoos were fakes, Bella did have some real body modifications. This includes sternum piercing. She also shared it in another video. The young teens never made an attempt to conceal the love bites.

Obviously, these have also been induced by her beau who is also her co-star in ‘Teen Wolf.’ The same love bites can also be seen on his body.


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