Supportable apps for entrepreneurs- how they make the work easier?

Best apps for entrepreneurs! Now-a-days, businesses are made easy by the establishment of the mobile apps; on the other side of the coin, the competition is getting tougher. It has become compulsory for the business to use mobile apps; because, these mobile apps have become one of the important aspects for improving the company’s growth.

Best apps for entrepreneurs

Supportable apps for entrepreneurs

A mobile app not only helps in the awesome growth of the business and provides development opportunities for increasing the number of users using the particular app; but, they can benefit the business in all the ways possible.

An entrepreneur knows the value of the business and they will implement all the possible ways for achieving success in their business. For the past few years, mobile apps started to play a vital role in the business and started to modify the business completely.

The important productivity apps for entrepreneurs are as follows.

  • Evernote

Evernote is highly popular because of its outstanding feature. This app is an alternative for the scribbling of thoughts in a notebook. This app allows the users to record their notes, tasks and daily events, which have to be done; so that, people may do their duties up to date.

Even people in small organizations have plenty of work to do. They can’t remember all the works, which has to be done. In such cases Evernote acts as the remainder to do the tasks, when they have to be done.

It is available free for the Android, iOS and web. Evernote helps the users to stay organized across all the devices. Users can sync files, they can bookmark the web pages, they can capture photos of something needed, they can create lists and record voice. All these things act as the remainders. Users can search for the task in the app. There is another app with the similar functionality, it is called as Wunderlist app; it also has the similar functions as Evernote, but, it is available for iPhone, iPad and Web not for Android.

  • Drop box

Drop box allows the users to share documents, videos and photos with a laptop or other mobile devices. It does share based on the free cloud-based file storing service. This app is flexible enough for sharing files with other fellow mates, which will prevent to and fro emailing. The version control feature can act as a very favorable way for sharing the latest version with other employees.

  • Audible

Entrepreneurs are born with greater talents; their ideas are the outcome of such talents. Apps like Audible enhance their creativity. Audible is a digital audiobook, which will make the user to listen to a story on a compatible tablet on any other devices like smart phone. With this app, people listen to books, without having the feeling of reading books. They completely indulge in listening.

Apps like Audible, completely take off stress from the minds of the people. They make their minds clear and helps them to focus completely on their work, without any stress, depression, etc.

  • TripIt

An entrepreneur needs to travel a lot. It is hard for them to keep an eye on all the travel scheduling and bookings. TripIt is the best app for the entrepreneurs, because, it organizes their travel and it takes care of all the essential things, which are required for the travel and at last it sends the booking confirmation to the user’s email address.

  • LastPass

LastPass is the personal password manager and also the form filler. People have the tendency to remember all the big things and forget the very things like password. It is just a combination of letters and numbers; but, they test the person’s memory power a lot. Apps like LastPass make it simple.

It is available for free for PCs and Macs. For the premium version of the app, it costs $12 and users can download it on their mobile devices.

  • Do

Any.Do is an iPhone app, which allows people to enter their tasks on the app. This app has the simple interface, in which users can add their tasks by entering text or recording voice. By logging-on to the Facebook account, users can share their tasks with their contacts. The highlight is, users can add an alarm, if they want the task to be alerted. Users can make that task as special and make it happen in a special way than other tasks.

Users can also add the other tasks and add them into the work or personal folder, which depends on the task. Users can also sync up with other devices, so that; they may not miss any events.

  • CamCard

Entrepreneurs attend several meetings and conferences in a year and they meet several leads in the industry, they may get new contacts. Exchanging the business cards of entrepreneurs is one of the norms in the conferences. But, losing a card is a very easy thing. CamCard will not let this happen.

This app takes a picture of all the business cards and it will automatically update them to the phone contacts of the user as well as to the other email accounts. It has great accuracy, as a result of which, people are users are assured with the flawless scanning. It has a very big advantage, which is, users can sync data with the other devices. This app is available free for iOS devices and for other devices it costs $3.26.

  • Flowdock

Flowdock is a mixed combo of chat and inbox tools. This app can act as an effective way to hook up with other team members on different projects. This app is suitable for all the platforms and browsers. It supports drag and drop, activity streams and file uploads. Any updates on the project can reach the team members quickly, for which the members of the team can respond instantly through the chat service.

All the members of the team can stay connected through this app.

  • Instapaper

Internet has a huge collection of blogs and articles. Have a wide range of creativity of reading new posts, which are related to your field or others during the leisure time. This app offers a reader-friendly service. It permits the user to save an article, which they like the most and they can read it when they are free.

  • CloudOn

This app is a Microsoft Office product. It offers its suite through iOS. People, who have paid for Office 365 subscription can use this app. Windows Phone offers Office mobile for free.

CloudOn is the best option for the iPhone users, who wish to write word documents, make important power point presentations. This can be integrated with the other applications such as, Google Drive and Dropbox and offers free service also.

  • Expensify

Employees have to keep all the travel receipts in hand, in order to claim office expenses. Now, they can get rid of this problem and free of this hassle. A smart phone app does the same function for them. Users can take a picture of the receipts and it acts as the digital record. Expensify also lets the user to save all the bills related to travel.

  • Recruiter box

Resume screening and application tracking are the hectic things for the recruiter. They have to hire the most suitable people for the job, for this too much of time is wasted in resume scanning. Recruiter box helps the recruiters to be away from this problem, it does the recruiter’s job. It helps in managing the entire hiring process.

But, all these apps are user-friendly and help in the growth of the organization. They will be one of the essential tools for the progress of the business.


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