Best Code Editors for Windows

With innumerable code editors out there, narrowing down to one could take a while. Which editor works for you is very subjective and you will have to modify the settings a bit to narrow down and settle for the one that is ideal for you. This article however brings to you a few of the best code editors for windows to help you explore and probably find the one that is right for you.

1: Notepad++:

The first on the best code editors for Windows is Notepad++. This is an open source editor that is very simple. it is originally built for windows, but it will work for Linux as well. It is different from the initial Notepad with additional features and support. This supports syntax highlighting and syntax folding. It is good for high execution speed and smaller program size.

Best Code Editors for Windows notepad plus plus

2: JEdit:

The second on the best code editors for Windows is JEdit. Though the user interface is a bit messy, it is preferred because it has a few commendable features. It supports syntax highlighting for about 130 languages and also folding. it has a decent plugin depository that is of much value for the editors.

Best Code Editors for Windows jedit

3: Crimson Editor:

The third on the best code editors for Windows is Crimson Editor. This is known to be the only windows editor. It currently only supports the English language and is also an open source editor. Its advantages include: FTP support, adding of bookmarks, syntax highlighting. However it does not support folding nor does it support large files.

Best Code Editors for Windows Crimson Editor

4: EditPad Lite:

The fourth on the best code editors for Windows is EditPad Lite. The user interface is much like that of Notepad and it is great for non commercial purposes. It supports 10 languages. It has FTP support, supports large files and has auto indentation.  However its disadvantages are that it does not allow syntax highlighting, folding and it does not have auto completion. You will have to go for Pro version for these features.

Best Code Editors for Windows EditPad Lite

5: ATpad:

The fifth on the best code editors for Windows is ATpad. It supports languages apart from English. It does not require any installation and can be used virtually and easily erased. It allows you feature like mailing, customized snippets and so on. It can add bookmarks and cascading windows.

Best Code Editors for Windows ATpad

With this list of 5 best code editors for Windows, you can start off exploring the editor that will best suit your purpose. All of them are decent enough for general purposes.


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