Best Quality Image Format For Logos

There are extensions of all logos, which plays a vital role in the ultimate advent. In order to differentiate between these formats, we have tackle the most popular formats for logos. Their advantages, disadvantages and intended uses are described below. Let’s take a look at few best quality image format for logos available for people.

Best Quality Image Format For Logos


PNG short for Portable Network Graphics is introduced recently. It has been approved as a standard format for logos because of its brilliant features. PNG is designed specifically for uploading logos on web.

Best Quality Image Format For Logos PNG

It is more feasible than Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) as it stores the colour material more professionally then GIF. It does not fades the background of the logo. Its transparency level is up to 8 bits. It is the best quality image format for logos. PNG is preferred because it is easy to use.


.SVG is the exclusive file for logos. Most probably, it will be the standard for logos on websites. It is now widely adopted by designers as it is the most reliable method of formatting logos.

Best Quality Image Format For Logos SVG

It has the best format features. In addition to that the lossless characteristics of SVG is also very convincing for logos designers. It is the best quality image format for logos available. It gives an excellent representation of flat formatted logos. SVG is the most supported format for cutting art purposes.


Encapsulated Post Script is the full form of EPS. It is solely used for logos. EPS is widely used by printers, designers of logos and graphic designers.

Best Quality Image Format For Logos EPS

You can make various bitmaps of your logos and can choose any size according to your requirement. These are the only formats used for printing purposes. EPS are more widespread because all other software require certain packages to open them up but EPS files are common. It has special quality of storing both vector and raster images in it.


Graphics Interchange Format is limited to 8 bits and allows 256 colours on websites. It also helps in compressing the files. It is widely used in logos where colour quality is not that much imperative.

Best Quality Image Format For Logos GIF

GIF is the only format through which you can upload your logo in a transparent background. It is compatible and best quality image format for logos of small sizes. You can use Graphics Interchange Format if you want to use animation effects on your logos. Moreover, GIF is also useful for logos with masses of different colours.


The above mentioned formats are the most commonly used formats for logos. These are popular because they are the best quality image format for logos. Their features will help you to decide which one is best for your logos.


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