A Blunder Made by Microsoft at E3

According to the recent news, a blunder made by Microsoft at E3. Read this out if you want to know what blunders Microsoft made at the event of E3 media briefing.

A blunder Made by Microsoft at E3:

Microsoft is one of the most well established and popular company in the world. So, when these type of companies made a blunder, it becomes a huge news. As in this case, the company made a blunder as they have announced the upcoming version of XBOX ONE. A blunder made by Microsoft at E3. They are going to call it The XBOX ONE S. It is going to make a huge difference as compared to the recent model which we have in our homes.

A blunder made by Microsoft at E3

A blunder made by Microsoft at E3. After the announcement, the company described few features of the upcoming new version of XBOX. The upcoming version will be more advanced than the current version. In addition to that it will have extra ordinary features for people who loves to play games. This version will be sleeker, slimmer as well as it will be more powerful device. This device will cross all the features of the current version of the XBOX.

The upcoming version will be launched in the starting of August. The good news is that it will contain a huge space for storing your stuff. It will come with 2 TB hard drive. In addition to that, it will be available for buyers at $ 399.

The company will also provide two versions of this XBox. These will depend on the space provided by the company. One will contain 500 GB hard drive, it will be available in $ 299. On the other hand, another version with 1 TB will be available just in $ 349.

Microsoft broke all records of mistakes and made another huge mistake. They also announced the launch of another more powerful console. That console will be launched in next year, 2017. According to them, it will be known as XBOX ONE: Scorpio. It is said that this scorpion version will be more powerful than the XBox ONE S. According to many analysts, this version will be faster than any gaming console available in the gaming market.


All we can say is that due to a blunder made by Microsoft at E3. We have come to know about the most amazing and powerful upcoming machine by the company. So, this is a huge mistake made by Microsoft and it will definitely cost it something. This is because of the reason that it will provide many advantages to its competitors. Microsoft should focus on some reversing statement if they want to keep something secret.


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