New Clinton Crime Exposed

There are very few good things with which you can associate Hillary Clinton. One of Clinton Crime has recently been exposed that can throw the presidential candidate in jail.

Clinton Crime Exposed

Latest Exposure of Clinton Crime

It is Hillary’s nature to tell lies, hide information and carry out betrayals. The latest Clinton Crime is no different.

She has a craving to become the most powerful woman in the world. And there is nothing she won’t do in order to satisfy this craving. She has also never refrained from betraying her country.

The Benghazi Scandal

Particularly, there was an attack on American government facilities was a coordinated attack carried out in Benghazi Libya by a militant group in 2012.

The attackers stormed the American diplomatic compound on 11th September. The attack resulted in the death of the American Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

On the other side, Sean Smith, the US Foreign Service Information Management officer, also lost his life in the attack.

Another attack was started against the CIA Annex which was situated a mile away. It killed two CIA Contractors and wounded many others.

However, the top US officials initially said that the attack was actually a protest but investigation carried out into the attack revealed that it was not a protest but a planned attack against Americans. The looters and rioters later joined the attack.

There is no evidence that any prominent terrorist group around the world was part of the attack. This means that it was a local affair.

Security of American facilities and personnel was immediately increased all around the globe, while investigation into the Benghazi scandal was under way. The attack was condemned by majority of Libyans.

Hillary and Benghazi

The connection between Hillary and Benghazi has only recently come to the fore when her top aide Patrick Kennedy announced that he has some information regarding one of her emails regarding the Benghazi scandal.

He has also alleged that Hillary tried to bribe FBI officials who were carrying out investigation of this case.

This is a new revelation of a Clinton crime that can affect not only her but also her chances of becoming the next American President.


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