Deceased Characters of The Walking Dead Reunite For a Creepy Photograph

The scary snap shows all of them wearing black and mourning themselves with close eyes.

Deceased Characters of The Walking Dead Reunite For a Creepy Photograph

Entertainment Weekly recently released six collectible covers for the week’s issue as part of the midseason premiere coverage of the show. They feature some of the most favorite characters from the AMC hit TV series The Walking Dead.  The show will be returning on Sunday to the back half of Season 6.

Entertainment Weekly also managed to bring back 11 characters from the series that were killed during the previous seasons. All of these characters were reunited for an epic photograph which is creepy at the same time. Moreover, Entertainment Weekly also talked to Steven Yeun about the controversy around the character of Glenn.

First of all, the latest photograph features Robin Lord Taylor (Sam), Tyler James Williams (Noah), Jeryl Prescott (Jacqui), Madison Lintz (Sophia), Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie), David Morrissey (The Governor), Emily Kinney (Beth), Kyla Kenedy (Mika), Chad Coleman (Tyreese), IronE Singleton (T-Dog) and Larry Gilliard Jr. (Bob).

All these actor came together previously in June in Orlando for the Walker Stalker Convention. In the picture, all of them are wearing black. Their eyes are closed supposedly mourning their own characters.

Entertainment Weekly will also have interviews with all these characters so that their experiences through The Walking Dead may be revealed to the fans. Steven Yeun’s character, Glenn could also have joined the deceased cheaters in the Season 6 when he fell into a herd of zombies. Several fans assumed that he had died. It was revealed after three episodes that he was, in fact, alive.

Robert Kirkman stated that the team had considered getting Steven Yeun on the after show which will make the viewers believe that he had died and left the show. This would help in getting the show even more popular. The name of the actor was also taken off the opening credits which added to the ambiguity of the fate.  This could have become a spoiler if it were not done the right way.

It is now confirmed the Glenn will be alive when the show returns but it may not be for very long. It was reported last year that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined the cast as Negan. In his first appearance in the comic book, Negan kills Glenn. This may mean an end to Glenn’s character after all.


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