Discount Deal: eBay is Offering Apple iPad Pro Only For $160

If you are not purchasing Apple iPad Pro because it is expensive. Then this is the right time to purchase it. This is because eBay is offering Apple iPad Pro only for $160.

Discount Deal eBay is offering Apple iPad Pro only for $160

eBay is offering Apple iPad Pro only for $160:

Apple products are always expensive because of their amazing features and class. It offers you the fastest speed. It comes with one year warranty. So, you can claim your warranty within one year. This is the best offer ever. You may not get this offer from anywhere else. eBay is offering Apple iPad Pro only for $160.

If we compare the prices of eBay and Apple. There is a huge difference. Apple is offering 12. 9 iPad Pro in $1049. Don’t miss the offer. Get your Apple iPad Pro in the lowest price from eBay.

The built-in applications are surprisingly amazing. Photo booth, app store, find my iPhone, maps, Siri, mail, safari, games center, iTunes store and a lot is offered by Apple Company. So, it is the best choice to buy Apple iPad Pro. You can buy it from eBay because eBay is offering Apple iPad Pro only for $160.

Specifications of Apple iPad Pro:

Apple iPad Pro is considered as the best tablet produced. It has prime features. It contains the gorgeous and gigantic display. In addition to that its pencil stylus allow the user to draw unbelievable sketching and drawing.

It contains a huge screen of 12. 9 inches. This iPad is available in silver, gold and grey colors. 32, 128 and 256 Wi-Fi models are offered by Apple. It contains the fully laminated display. You can enjoy its camera features. It has 8 mega pixels iSight camera which has mind-blowing results. If you want to purchase iTunes or applications, Apple iPad Pro is enough for you. You can buy it from as eBay is offering Apple iPad Pro only for $160.

Apple iPad Pro is famous because it offers you an amazing apple pencil. It feels like a regular pen. It is very easy to use. This Apple iPad pro pencil needs to be charged. Moreover, it connects to Apple iPad through blue tooth. IOS 9 is currently operating in Apple iPad Pro. Its applications takes less than 150 MB in the iPad.


Apple iPad pro is the best tablet launched in the market. Now, eBay is offering it in unbelievable price. eBay is offering Apple iPad Pro only for $160. This is the best chance to get your Apple iPad from eBay. It has amazing specifications. It is a powerful machine with an impressive and classy display.


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  • Lisa Williams

    I am currently on eBay and do not see a single iPad Pro for $160.

  • Bill Rees

    Are they stolen?