Donald Trump Gives No Proper Response to Megyn Kelly’s questions on Misogyny

Donald Trump needs no introduction as he is always in the news these days commenting or presenting his reviews bout a society, nation or person. This time things are changing a little bit. Someone else has challenged Trump this time and she was none other than Megyn Kelly.

Donald Trump gives no proper response to Megyn Kelly’s questions on misogyny

According to the media she got into a debate it with Donald Trump early in Thursday night’s first big GOP debate. Clearly she called him of his habit of depreciating remarks about women. In response to that he did not take kindly to that representation.

As this argument heats up everybody was wondering Donald Trump as the Republican presidential favorite and not precisely friend of women would say some argumentative things at the first Republican presidential debate on Thursday.

Megyn Kelly is considered to be a renowned personality in the news world as she is a debate arbitrator and continuous voice for women’s concerns.

It seems Trump didn’t stand a chance against her hard questions. In detail, Kelly consumed most of the debate questioning Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and more runners with astoundingly threatening questions over reproductive rights that seems to agitate every candidate.

Kelly initiated a straight forward conversation with saying: You always say bad things to women you don’t like, mostly comment is fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.

It was not only Rosie O’Donnell who suffers and on the record it was way of her before beginning into laundry list Trump’s most misogynistic instants.

It is clear about all that Donald Trump Twitter account has numerous disapproving remarks about women’s looks. Kelly mentioned that once he told a participant on the Celebrity Apprentice it would be a beautiful picture to look her on her knees. Trump twisted the question asked into a matter about political precision.

Megyn Kelly dominates the whole session with her bold and shocking questions. She earned admiration with her blunt question on abortion to Governor Scott Walker who lately endorsed obstructive anti-choice legislation in Wisconsin.

The question asked in that debate was important but no satisfactory answers were given by the Republicans. We hope for the best in the next coming days as there are many debate platforms are yet to come.


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  • Megan Kelly attacked Trump right from the’s only right for him to respond the way he did..they had it out for him the entire debate

  • Donald wins this exchange with uppity woman. Calling Rosie O’Donnell a pig moved his poll numbers up 5 points. Come on Republicans OWN the hatred The Donald feeds on….

    • joyce

      “uppity” commented by a man. “uppity” my a@@. What makes you so special? misogynist!

  • Megan really really irritated Trump. Much more of this and he goes third party and we get another dem loser. Lost respect for Megan and Fox tonight. This was like a liberal media hit job.

  • ” I don’t have time for total political correctness.” he said.

    “Honestly, Megyn, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. I’ve been very nice to you, even though I don’t have to be given the way you treat me, but I wouldn’t do that.”

    What conservatives call “political correctness” we on the left have always recognized as something called “civility”. Conservatives find it increasingly difficult to be civil, and therefore dismiss it as being “politically correct”. That’s the kind of jabberwocky that we are forced to navigate in this day and age.

    As for the second quote, I just threw that up there to marvel at the sheer creepiness of it. To call Trump “reptilian” is an insult to reptiles.

  • Trump is a pig, Degrading women is not acceptable. We are not in the 1800’s

  • I only ask one favor of all responders, please don’t just read the headlines. Take time to read the entire content of any one particular story, article, etc. etc. You may have your eyes opened to the “rest of the story” and finally the TRUTH….I will not argue with some of your comments as some have no substance and are only based on headlines. I used to be like that too, and now time to research before I make a fool of myself.

  • @Mandy Simmons: Keep drinking the Koolaid. Your civility only happens to those who agree with you. Megyn Kelly attacked Trump right at the start and he was perfectly in his right to defend himself. Your post is the jabberwocky we have to wade through to get the truth. She asked for it and she got it..

    @James Hawk. If she did not want to be told as she was, then she should not have picked the fight. Defending yourself is not “degrading women”. Degrading women is what the Dumbocraps did to Sarah Palin in 2008. My suggestion to you is get away from Mommy’s keyboard and just STFU.

  • Eskyman

    Lost a lot of respect for Fox News and especially Megyn Kelly from the hit job last night. Totally unprofessional to get personal like they did with Trump, but (how surprising!) not with Jeb!

    Both parties are the same now; haven’t you noticed the Congress is still working under Harry Reid’s agenda? How many bills to repeal Obamacare have there been, from this Republican House with the Republican Senate? Why, none. That is, ZERO! Are they all Democrats in Congress?

    Donald Trump is the only person on the horizon who can take this Establishment Cartel that is the two parties together, and rip it asunder! I’m with The Donald, I’m sick of always running the moderate to lose, let’s get a real man who can win!

    Donald Trump! Make America Great Again!

  • “Eskyman” thanks for joining our comments forum.