Donald Trump Inches Closer To the Presidential Nomination

The Republican frontrunner seems all set to face Hillary Clinton in the November elections

Donald Trump Inches Closer To the Presidential Nomination

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both succeeded in securing resounding wins in five state primaries. The Senator from the state of Florida, Marco Rubio lost out his home constituency to Donald Trump in a humiliating defeat.

Donald Trump also triumphed in North Carolina and Illinois, however, he lost Ohio to rival John Kasich. Ohio is a very critical state when it comes to presidential elections in the US.

A visibly shaken Mr. Rubio told his supporters that he will not be the winner in Miami. Not very long ago, Marco Rubio was regarded as the Republican Party’s most favored candidate. The Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz managed to survive Trump mania in a Missouri he stood neck and neck with his only rival.

Hillary Clinton, the main Democratic Party candidate, scored a clear victory in Florida, Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont did give her a hard time in her native Illinois as well as Missouri. His chances of getting nomination from the Democratic Party have considerably decreased after the results.

In her victory speech, Hillary Clinton took a subtle jibe at Donald Trump by stating that America was in need of a man who would defend it, not someone who will embarrasses it in the whole world.

The Republican Party must have heaved a sigh of relief after its favored candidate and frontrunner, Donald Trump lost the state of Ohio to Mr. Kasich.

Senior politicians with the GOP establishment are well aware that Trump’s senseless rhetoric will lead them towards a disaster in the presidential election scheduled to be held in November this year. Analysts are, however, suggesting that John Kasich may not be able to earn the Democratic presidential nomination either.

His winning will only strengthen the billionaire from New York by creating division among anti-Trump voters. Donald Trump is now more closer to the Republican presidential nomination than he – or anyone else – would have envisaged only a year ago.

There is still chance that he may not be able to gather 1,237 delegates required for being nominated as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in coming July. This would not bode well for the GOP which is already deeply divided. The possibility of a contested convention will shake the troubled party to its very core


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