The Earth to experience 15 days of Darkness in November

A report has confirmed that there will be 15 days of darkness in the month of November. The news is hot on social media and also fueling speculation and fear among the populace of the world.

15 days of Darkness in November

15 Days of Darkness in November warning!

A report published on the website ‘The Bored Mind’ has revealed that the world will experience 15 days of darkness in November.

It is notable that, the citing sources from NASA, The Bored Mind stated a15 days of darkness in November warning was valid from November 15 and 29.

The cause of this weird phenomenon is a gigantic astronomical interaction between the planets Jupiter and Venus.

NASA confirms 15 day darkness?

Meanwhile, the report on the website stated that the announcement had come from NASA in a lengthy report. This report contained 1000 pages. It explained the strange phenomenon to the White House in the report.

While, the report further stated that the 15 days of darkness in November will commence at 3 O’clock on 15th November. It will come to an end in 29th November at 4:45.

But, no major effects of the Blackout are expected. There will be an increase in the temperature of the earth. The polar cap will also be affected to some extent but there is no need to worry.

The Bold Mind further said that the incident will be similar to the phenomenon which is experienced by people of Alaska during the winter.

A Hoax?

Many other reports have rejected the 15 days of darkness report as a hoax. They have made it clear that the same news had also been published last year on another website. The site has previously also posted such news in order to get traffic.

In this context, people have been terrified by the prospect of 15 consecutive days of darkness.

There have been speculations that it will destroy the law and order of the community.

On the other side, the criminal elements will try to take advantage of the situation and could possibly result in a surge in violence.


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