Economic collapse confirmed – Prepare for the next financial crisis

There is a clear and present danger of economic meltdown faced by America due to its excessive borrowing. Most people in the US and outside would not believe there is such a risk owing to the normalcy bias that has been hammered into their unconsciousness.

Economic collapse

The Economic collapse and the financial crisis is rising in 2016-2017!!

The risk of Economic collapse and financial crisis is rising in 2016-2017. The fear is imminent because most the people would not want to believe this fact.

Other people would not be able to grasp the gravity of the situation simply because they do not have the necessary knowledge base for comprehension.

First of all, one must know that America only operated through credit or debt rather than actual physically present dollars.

This means that the United States is a gigantic Ponzi scheme which has been built on its ability to borrow money.

America’s status as the reserve currency of the world allowed it to borrow money that it has not earned. The Fedstats there are trillions of dollars in the US banking system that can be withdrawn at any time.

However, the actual amount of money in circulation is only 1.4 trillion. The US currently also owes trillions of dollars from other countries.

This means that if all the creditors came and asked the US to payback their loans, there will simply be nothing to pay them back.

This will bring a collapse of the entire world economy. This is the way an empire will come to its feet.

Consequences of Global Economic crisis!!

A video released recently, has made the point clear about the consequences of the global economic crisis. It is a credible documentary which shows the future course of the US and its financial system.

The Feds bailed out the bankers when there was a financial meltdown. These bankers were very corrupt and should not have been supported with tax payer’s money.

Rather than supporting the bankers, the Feds should have freed up the consumers. There are plans underway to carry out another historic financial blunder.

The stock market has been engineered to reach all time high levels. When the short hits, it will be hell for investors.

People are still reluctant to believe this because they have been affected by normalcy bias. This means that they are not able to comprehend why the outcome of a certain situation will be different this time when it has continued to be the same for so many decades.

But the US is in more trouble than it has ever been in its history. It will not only go down itself but will also take many other economies down with it.


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