Facebook Moments Launched Without its Key Feature in Europe

Facebook moments is now available for the people of Europe and Canada. But, Facebook moments launched without its key feature in Europe. We are describing the special features of this application in detail.

Facebook Moments Launched Without its Key Feature in Europe

If we look at the other versions of Facebook Moments launched by the company, they are different from the Europe and Canadian version. This means that United States version and other international versions of Facebook Moments are different, as they have unique central feature in them. European market has its own rules and regulations. They did not allow Facebook to leak the privacy of users in any case. So, Facebook Moments launched without its key feature in Europe.

Features of Facebook Moments:

According to the project manager of this application, the smartphone of the user is given a number which is not shared on any other server. This number is only used to collaborate with the images stored in the smart phones. The application uses that number to compare the images saved only. It will help you to store your images. Moreover, you can organize your pictures correctly. Now, all this will happen according to the laws defined by the Canadian and European government.

But here is the point. Once you have saved your friend’s picture in your smart phone, it will also be saved on the servers of the company Facebook. All those pictures are stored in their servers. Now, we can say that this Facebook application is somehow similar to Google photos. Because, they have also launched Google photos without their key feature in many countries.

Facebook Moments launched without its key feature in Europe:

Facebook is facing problems in launching this application in different countries. Even Irish government is not satisfied by the features of this new application of Facebook. They will investigate a little more before approving the launch of Facebook Moments. They said that they will look into the technicalities of this application. After that they will think about its release in the country. The picture tagging feature is violating the laws, so the company had to change its key feature. (Facial recognition)

If you want to install it, you can install it straight from Google play store plus iTunes app store.


According to the recent news about Facebook application, Facebook Moments launched without its key feature in Europe. The company launched this application without face recognition feature. This is a useful application indeed. It works differently in international market other than European market. It uses the pictures in your mobile only. This is an interesting applications. In addition to that, it will allow you to share your images in private conversations just like you do in whatsApp.


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