Fallout 4 fails to make its mark

Fallout 4 is one of the most awaited releases of current year but somehow it has failed to impress fans. It is unusually stagnant, familiar and almost absurd. The opening introduces you to Boston suburbia in 2077 where the game takes place. You are also shown the apocalyptic scene in retrospect depicting the nuclear warfare, and the evacuation to the ‘Vault’.

Fallout 4 fails to make its mark 2

The execution of the game is not credible enough. While you are crossing a checkpoint in a town that is about to be hit by a bomb, you are unable to see people panicking and running for their lives.

Fallout 4 fails to make its mark 5

You enter a shelter, the bomb hits, you come out after 2 centuries and see the pathetic skeletons of the people who were left outside. It is simply idiotic.

The game actually begins when you leave the Vault 111. The first glimpse of the world is breathtaking. There are piles and piles of junk making you wonder how it looked like 2 centuries ago. You may get introduced to the story and missions of the game right there or simply embark on sightseeing.

Fallout 4 fails to make its mark 4

You can turn off the option that shows points of interests and set quest markers so that you can embark on discovering this new world. The visuals of the game are simply brilliant, although the magic is spoiled by those green symbols that mark everything before you have made it out for yourself.

Fallout 4 fails to make its mark 6

It is a novel experience to explore the wasteland comprising Massachusetts and Boston, and known as the Commonwealth. Enemies are smarter and better armed. If you have encountered Radscorpions in the previous version of the game, you will realize that they have become more sinister, stubborn and imaginative.

The quests in the game offer per-set encounters, but you can expect the legendary enemies to creep in from just about anywhere. They can be dealt with by a single shot leaving behind weapons and armor.

Fallout 4 fails to make its mark

Apart from bread and butter, you can also find several other quests across the Commonwealth which allow you to delve into the world that Bethesda has created. The ultimate disappointment of the game is that most of the time you will be ready to shoot at something.

This makes it highly predictable and consequently, boring. In short, Fallout 4 is nothing more than a graphically improved version of its predecessor. It offers nothing new to the gamer.

It will consume hours and hours of your time leaving you dissatisfied in the end. It has improved in many important areas, however the problem with combat coupled with many technical issues will only serve to tone down its mass appeal.


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