Google is Anxious From Yahoo’s Fortune

According to the recent news, Google is anxious from Yahoo’s fortune. Google has been busy in making money. The company has been getting a lot of attention due to its activities. On the other hand, Yahoo made the same mistakes a lot of times. That is why, the name of Yahoo was washed and Google becomes one of the companies which are untouchables.

Google is Anxious From Yahoo’s Fortune

Google is Anxious From Yahoo’s Fortune:

Google has been making money from ads, play store as well as from the applications. Google has played a vital role in the applications. This is because of the reason that android applications are the best known applications. Such as new Google map street app is getting popular day by day. On the other hand, Yahoo lost a war for Facebook as well as for Google. This things counts a lot but still Google is anxious from Yahoo’s fortune.

This is because of many reasons. Here, we are going to highlight one of the important reasons. First of all, the progress of Yahoo is increasing day by day. This is because of the reason that Yahoo has jumped from 40 million users to a huge amount of 185 million users. Google should be worried about the increasing amount of Yahoo’s users. But, when we look at the progress of Google, it could be said that Google will also make this progress.

In addition to that, it will maintain its position in the market. Google mail VS Yahoo mail is the best example for us. This is how Google can maintain its potential customers. On the other hand, it can leave Yahoo to dry. Google and Yahoo both are included in world top free email service providers. The war is quite tough. This is because, Yahoo can still come up and make this competition tough for Google. This is why Google is anxious from Yahoo’s fortune.

Google focuses on each and every dollar used in the digital marketing. Google has changed a lot of trends in the previous few years. The users are also accepting the change as they are happy to shift from search to the world of discovery. The allegations against Google may effect the reputation of the company. So, we can say that all these things can make a strong impression in this heavy competition.


As we know that Google is anxious from Yahoo’s fortune. In addition to that, the company is well aware of all the threats to its reputation. Google should start working on skipping these allegations as soon as possible. These signs shows that both companies are ready for this war.


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