Google to launch Allo Messaging App

In May, during its I/O conference, Google unveiled its Allo messaging app. Allo is a smart messaging application which requires the phone number of the users for identifying them. It is now obvious that people need not wait any longer to try Allo messaging app.

Google to launch Allo Messaging App

According to a well known tipster Allowed messaging app is going to be released by Google on 21st September of this year.

If this happens, it will only be a month after the video calling app of the company, Duo was released. The same date is also widely regarded as the end of the summer season. This is exactly when Google had previously announced that the Allo messaging app would hit the market.

Allo Messaging app will most probably bring many novel features like end to end encryption, stickers and temporary private messages. For the more expressive user, Allo will also offer text formatting options.

Another interesting aspect of the Allo messaging app is the AI powered features of the application. It will use machine learning to making suggestions that will be proper for graphic as well as text messages. This will effectively reduce the need for manual typing.

This means that when a person asks you if you are interested in partying on Friday, the messaging service will allow you to simply reply ‘I am in.’ Likewise, if you get a photo of a cute puppy, you will get a suggestion to reply ‘so cute!’

Google has stated that it is introducing a new technology that would be able to recognize images. It is so sophisticated that it can even recognize different breeds of dogs and different types of pastas. The accuracy level of the technology is around 90 percent.

Allo messaging app will also be able to recognize Google Assistant. Users will be able to use it as a contact for chatting and asking different questions.

It can also be used as a user friendly search tool which will also work during conversations with other people. It will pepper messages from the users with results regarding different restaurants when the conversation involves a dinner.

There is simply no need to sign up to Allo messaging service with a Google account. This effectively means that Allo could become a very popular application with general population.

Rival messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger already command a very massive fan following and it is still not clear whether Allo will be able to break into this solid base and woo a lot of users away from the services that they are already using with satisfaction.


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