Great Dean Potter dies in Base jumping accident

Dean Potter an extreme athlete and very famous due to his daring and also due to his rogue climbs or sometimes famous for his BASE jumps died last year. Basically BASE jump is the reason of his death. One of our spokesmen tells us that BASE jump is the jump over the [building, antennas, span and earth] on which jumpers can parachute from. It is very difficult task which people can do.

Great Dean Potter dies in Base jumping accident

Spokesman also told us that the odds are not in your favor and same happen with Dean that he pulled the unlucky card. Two men killed in this accident in which Dean is one of them. Dean Potter, 43. And his climbing partner Graham Hunt, 29.

They were attempting this illegal sport at national park in Yosemite. They jumped over the height of 7500 foot which is called Taft point. Actually he was a good climber and likes to do flying but recently he joined BASE jumping. He also produced a film on his BASE jumping adventure.

At the night of Saturday when they did this, a rescue team was called to find them but their dead bodies were found on the next day morning by a helicopter through the Yosemite Valley. Both men were dressed properly which help them to glide but they died.

Many people show their sympathies for this great loss. Potter was well known person among others because of his daring personality of daunting alone big walls and cliffs with bare handed and without the help of ropes. On his criticism he usually give the reason that he just want to inspire people to get out of their cars and experience the wild with all their senses.

He was going best in BASE jumping and set a record for completing the longest BASE jumping by staying in the flight in a wingsuit for 2 minutes and 50 seconds in Switzerland.

A photographer who captured that jump was very well familiar with Potter and always praised for his boldness rather than his skills. He knows about the danger of BASE jumping and said that he himself watched a BASE jumper leap to her death in 1999 when her parachute failed to open and she died. He also knows that about five BASE jumping occurred in Yosemite.

His love for BASE jumping was above all and in October 2014, he wrote that [whatever you watched either on YouTube, in your real life or in glamorous commercial everything is based on reality]


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