How To Boost Your Facebook Ads

Facebook shows no signs of losing its boisterous momentum anytime soon. It is for this reason we prepared a step-by-step guide answering FAQ’s on how to boost your Facebook ads. The review piece aims to help out business brands make a grand impression using Facebook.

How To Boost Your Facebook Ads

Used properly, Facebook with its millions and millions of daily active users, has what it takes to propel your brands to the next level of success. If you go about it the correct way then in no time it is quite possible you will be having more business and more new leads than you can be able to handle.

Alternatively, if you simply rush to commit your hard-earned dollars on marketing without taking into consideration the tips and pointers on how to boost your Facebook ads we are sharing with you then you will be in trouble. Time after time we have encountered business owners who come up to us and complain about how placing Facebook ads yielded no meaningful gains and results for them, if anything it turned out to be a sure money-pit.

To avoid being caught up in the same circumstances as the above mentioned cadre of entrepreneurs, here are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions about how to boost your Facebook ads.

How Do I Get Started?

Well, the process is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is just go to your timeline and select the post you are keen on boosting. Then, you chose a budget you are most comfortable with and you are half-way home.

Who Can See My Ad’s?

Below your post once you choose to boost your ad, you will see a dialogue box titled ‘Edit audience’. It is here you get to pick out your preferred target audiences. You have the liberty to choose to boost your post to people according to their age, their location, gender and even basing on their interests. Alternatively, you could choose to boost your post to target the people who like your page and to their friends as well.

How Much Do Facebook Boosts’ Cost?

The best thing about our how to boost your Facebook ads guide is that it makes it absolutely crystal clear how you get to decide on how much to spend on a post. This is in stark contrast to a majority of the other advertising options out there who come with fixed prices. Typical budgets start from a modest $5 and the cost rises up to $50 depending on your intended outreach. Not to mention you can opt out any time without incurring any extra-charges.

How To Boost Your Facebook Ads boost cost

How Do I Track & or Monitor Progresses?

How To Boost Your Facebook Ads statistics

Courtesy of the super intuitive analytics insights provided by Facebook, you get to learn how people are responding to your boosted posts in real-time. You will be able to see the times of the day when your posts are best received and the people who share, like or even comment on your posts in the wink of an eye.  Now that you have the answers on how to boost Facebook ads, go and take over the world!


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