Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Finally Tied the knot

Another star couple got married this week and sets the fans club a shocking surprise. There is hardly anyone in the film industry or showbiz who don’t knot h name Jennifer Aniston. She was liked and loved by her fans for more than a decade and still there is no shortage in her fan club.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Finally Tied the knot

This is a beautiful couple whose one pillar definitely stands on Jennifer and the other on Justin Theroux. They have tied the knot and entered in a long loving relation.

We can’t forget that how much drama Jennifer had to go through to reach this day. It seems after years of waiting and rumor; we can cooperatively claim that Jennifer Aniston has finally got married.

This was a fancy but lovely wedding; the longtime couple was married in the presence of 70 people at their home in Bel Air on last Wednesday. At this joyful occasion many of their celebrity associates were supposedly present including Lisa Kudrow, Chelsea Handler and Howard Stern.

Fans are happy that Aniston and Justin Theroux made it official in a friendly ceremony at home Wednesday. This outstanding and beautiful Bel Air ceremony comprised about 70 guests such as Aniston’s former friends and different co-star.

It was once mentioned by Aniston as a joke in the past that her friends come to their parties in wedding attire in case she and Theroux were throwing a surprise wedding.

It has been a long time and it is not to be wrong to say that people are starting to doubt whether couple is has a future or not. It was a three-year engagement for Aniston who turns 45 and Theroux at the age of 43 who had been friends for many years before dating. Many reports and magazines routinely wonder whether the couple was breaking up.

A featured report showed that Aniston’s love life has been an attention of the paparazzi ever since her split from husband Brad Pitt in 2005. They started dating when they were costars in the movie Wanderlust and have been engaged since August of 2012.

It was a favorite question for Reports in every press release about Justin and Jennifer getting married. Justin planned to propose on his birthday with a gigantic $1 million diamond ring over dinner at Blue Hill restaurant in New York City. It was a lovely sight for the viewers. Jennifer already married once to Brad Pitt in 2000 but got divorced in 2005.


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