Jodie Marsh shares braless selfie with her husband James Placido

The model Jodie Marsh, refuted all the rumors with a set of braless selfies that showed her perfect abs

Jodie Marsh shares braless selfie with her husband James Placido

Jodie Marsh recently denied rumors that she was pregnant with a child, and then she displayed her toned abs in a set of braless selfies with her husband James Placido. The selfies were shared on Instagram.

The 37 year old model and Television star looked great in her gold cropped jumper as she cozied up to hubby James, and cuddled with him. The couple married last year in August.

Showing her perfectly toned abdomen in a cropped top, Jodie Marsh put all those rumors to rest that suggested her being pregnant with her very first child with husband James.

A few days ago, Jodie Marsh modeling a green skirt with a crop top had said that there were no signs of pregnancy and it was evident from her stomach. The former body builder wore some serious makeup and offered a dramatic look with a dark lipstick. She chose a bold Smokey eye complete with high eyelashes that enhanced her boldness.

The model opted for a straight pony tail sweeping all her hair to the side. About motherhood, Jodie said:

‘I have a LOT of living to do first with my wonderful husband.’

She also outlined the couple’s plans of riding Harleys, holidaying and making adventures together. Jodie Marsh also declared that she will not take pressure from anyone regarding what was considered ‘normal’ where marriage was concerned. She also added that she and her husband would wait for the right time.

The model stated that only because some people consider trying for a baby as the most normal thing to do as soon as two people are married, doesn’t mean that it is the best thing to do. Other people may have other perceptions of the ‘normal.’

Jodie wants to spend every minute of her free time with her great husband, and to enjoy life with him. She will address the issue when she and husband think that the time is right.

The reality TV star continued with her assertion that no one was going to make her feel that she should have a child and no woman should be made to feel that giving birth to babies is their sole purpose in the world.


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