Joe Biden Decision Entirely Shift the 2016 Elections

Joe Biden finally announce that he is not going to run for this year President Election, however you can’t know how the events turn for the next elections. During the press conference Joe openly announced that he has not going to run for president but one thing he do right after making an important announcement is thank all those persons in the audience who had been good to him and stood right beside him for a very long period of planning.

Joe Biden decision entirely shift the 2016 elections

He believes that over his entire career he always remains determined to hit on a larger point. This Wednesday was not only Biden saying goodbye to his presidential campaign but also making a proposal for the long goodbye to his political career in Washington.

It was not that long when in the early 1970s he started the journey of his Senate career. Now the only good thing remain is the Biden making a pitch for bipartisanship and working with Republicans. He makes a clear statement by saying that:

In my opinion we have to finish the disruptive limited politics that is tearing this country apart and I believe we can do it if are properly spirited and finish petty differences and it’s been so long this way. I consider that we should see the Republicans as our opponents, yes they are our opposition but they are not the enemies. It is the country we believe in and for this country we have to work together. Also our president told us numerous times compromise is not a cloudy word.”

Some politicians like the Hillary was a subtle dig who had raised a concept of Republicans as her enemies but it was a different time then and now it is a different time.

Biden often expresses the story of his career beginning in the Senate mentioning the Democratic Majority Leader Mike Mansfield reproached him for making a statement about North Carolina Republican Senator.

Considering how it ends for Biden, this was an appeal at the end of a long job. If he was not able to pass the race or continue any longer as the next president then it will be best to add the ambition into the competition.

It is a beautiful and optimistic opinion that looks heavy confrontation in Washington. The last day was the heavy one after Biden’s appeals Clinton the strongest Democratic candidate of testifying before the House Benghazi Committee.


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