Kate Middleton is Getting Hotter

Kate Middleton is getting hotter-The Duchess of Cambridge is the hottest woman in England, and she is getting prettier by the day. Kate Middleton’s is a perfect fairy tale. In fact, she is the closest we can get to Disney’s famous stories where a normal girl overcomes all the odds to become a princess.

Kate Middleton is Getting Hotter

Kate Middleton is so sexy owing to her ability to maintain her physique, her clothes and her perfect demeanor. She is a very beautiful woman and the entire world accepts this fact.

What is more, Kate Middleton portrays everything that is just the opposite of definition of the contemporary ‘hot’ woman. Yet, she is the envy of each and every woman in England as well as the rest of the world.

Unlike some of the wildly famous women nowadays, Kate Middleton has never been part of a s*x tape. She never graced the cover of famous magazines like Sports Illustrated. She was never crowned the Rookie of the year, and she had never had a date with a Hollywood star.

Kate Middleton has maintained a crystal clear image. She is a loving wife, a caring mother of two beautiful kids, and she maintains a very classy wardrobe.

All these things would automatically strike her name off the sexiest women list. But Kate Middleton is very much there in the limelight, and getting hotter with each passing day.

Born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Kate is currently also known as the Duchess of Cambridge. She was born in 1982 to an upper middle class family. She has a younger brother and a younger sister.

Her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is the second in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth after his father, Charles, Prince of Wales. Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of the United Kingdom and several other realms of the Commonwealth.

Kate Middleton grew up in a village near Berkshire. She studied art history at the University of St. Andrews. She met Prince William at the same university in 2001. They became engaged in 2010. Before being married to the prince, Kate Middleton attended many royal events.

Kate Middleton is a hot celebrity with a very profound impact on the Western culture particularly American and British. Her distinct impact on the fashion is known as the ‘Kate Middleton effect.’ She was also chosen as one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2012 and 13.


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