Kylie Jenner promotes website with X-Rated Photos

The adult website wasn’t simply able to hold itself when the young 19 year old began teasing fans with an assortment of X-rated photos. The daring pictures were shared over the weekend that left Kylie’s fans wanting more.

Kylie Jenner X-Rated Photos

X-rated Photos

It is obvious that when a young star as beautiful ad Kylie Jenner will post a series of X-rated snaps of herself, I will get her a lot of attention. Especially if the pictures show the model scantily clad and showing a lot of skin.

It is still not known whether Kylie Jenner knew that Pornhub will be mentioning her owing to these pictures.

Pornhub Jibe

The adult site – Pornhub – was unable to resist the urge to make a jibe on a social media website we the reality TV star shares these highly revealing pictures during the weekend.

Besides one of the pictures in which the young Jenner is flashing her nipples in a sheer red bra and looking towards the camera moodily, Pornhub posted the following remarks:

“One step closer. Love you.”

Fan Reactions

Some people thought that the remarks were funny, but some of the most hardcore fans of the Kardashian clan would not have it. The immediately blasted Pornhub calling it very rude of them to post such a remark.

The lingerie snaps posted by Kylie Jenner were only the beginning of a series of X-rated photos that were enough to pop the eyes of anyone. Kylie shared a number of these racy pictures over the weekend.

Confident with cleavage

There was one photo on particular which one could see Kylie grabbing her own cleavage in a confident manner. In the photo, she is seeing posing in just a black bra.

Another shameless photograph shows the star from ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ revealing her nipple piercing while she is sitting casually. Her jacket is slung over one of her shoulders.

Under each of these picture posted on Instagram, Kylie Jenner added a link to another website.

This website – – offers a novel range of underwear. It is still a mystery what the online shop is actually selling.


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