How to Merge Multiple PST Files into One PST File

OST and PST are both used in Microsoft Outlook. A PST file is an Outlook Email file that contains messages, files and other items which are stored in a folder. When the Outlook creates the PST file it can be stored on the computer hard drive or on the file server the user has having the access. Users can create multiple number of PST files and can save and store just like any other file. It is because of the multiple accounts can be configured in MS Outlook which gives rise to merge multiple PST files.

How to Merge Multiple PST Files

If the Outlook user has numerous number of PST files then it becomes difficult for them to manage it and becomes impossible for them handle each file. In this article we will discuss on how to merge PST files into one PST file.

Need to Merge Multiple PST Files

The need for merging multiple PST files is simple as many of the PST files have similar directories and contents. It’s because of the multiple accounts configured in the Outlook application. So, it becomes difficult for the users to manage all of them. The only solution here is merging the PST files that have something common to each other and make a single PST file. Further in this article we will discuss some method to merge multiple PST files into one PST file.

Method to Merge Multiple PST files

The steps to merge multiple PST files first, the user have to open Microsoft Outlook application. Secondly, user have to create a blank Outlook file then, click on Tools and select Account Settings then select Data Files and then Add New PST file.Using these import/export options provided in Microsoft Outlook application the user can merge multiple PST files into one PST file.

Manual VS Automated Method

Using this method the Outlook user can merge multiple PST files. But there are some disadvantages of these manual procedures as it is very time consuming and lengthy process. There is also the possibility of the data loss as well. If these methods don’t work out then use PST merge tool. Merging PST files with this tool is simple and convenient as compare to other solutions. It also has some advanced features build in.


PST files are the main data file for managing our Outlook Email client. There are so many PST files in the Outlook folder so it is necessary to merge them as there might be something common in some of the files. Then, we discussed the easy methods to merge the PST files. We also discussed that if these methods are tricky for the Outlook users then they can use the PST Merge to merge the PST files with ease.


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