Miley Cyrus fails to impress with her unclothed photo shoot for V Magazine

Miley Cyrus bared herself completely for the new installment of the V Magazine ‘Dairy of a Dirty Hippie’ series. The main pictures depict Miley posing nude for the camera behind the stage at the VMAs. She has a big smile on her face, her legs are crossed, and her nipples glowing.

Miley Cyrus fails to impress with her unclothed photo shoot

The effect is further amplified by multi-colored accessories. Both Miley and V Magazine posted the same picture on social media website; however, both versions were censored.

Miley Cyrus is completely naked in the picture. This is no news in itself since people already have a glimpse of bare Miley before. Not many reporters attempted to feign surprise at the nude exposé in the V Magazine.

Miley Cyrus fails to impress with her unclothed photo shoot

In fact, quite a few outlets are wondering whether it hasn’t become boring to see the singer nude over and over again. She is taking the excitement out of watching a nude female form.

The same sentiment was echoed by Huffington Post headlines which more or delivered the disgust of the reader subjected to Miley’s nudes for so many times.

The article elaborated that Miley Cyrus cannot pull any more rabbits out of the closet. And most people who read it agreed with the writer. Nudity is commonly used to shock people, create news, or sells a product.

Miley usually gets naked in order to shock fans, but it does not produce the desired effect anymore. It is also rumored that she was dropped out of the spring campaign of Marc Jacob the previous year because of the same reason. Miley has become nude so many times that her body is no more a mystery to anyone. Unfortunately, she is not the only one to do this.

It seems that removing clothes have become a hobby of famous stars. There are famous names whose most intimate body parts have made it to the social media websites. The American public has been exposed to so many nudes that most of them don’t even want to look at their own naked bodies anymore.

The writer of the column for V Magazine tried to justify this nudity by stating that Miley was attempting to grab the attention of the reader for a greater cause namely the LGBTQ community, however, she has been naked so many times in the past that it wouldn’t matter at all.

It give the impression as if Miley Cyrus just wasn’t in the mood to take on some clothes during the photo-shoot. V obviously dint have a problem with that.


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