New ISIS Video Threatens World Leaders With Death

A new ISIS video, claimed to be a genuine release by the extremist group, has recently been uploaded on social media. It shows the Paris attackers threatening leaders of Western counties with death of they continue to make war with the Islamic State.

New ISIS video release

A new ISIS video has been released by the group. Spanning over 17 minutes, this video features the persons who carried out the Paris attacks. They can be seen carrying out gruesome murders in an undisclosed location somewhere in the desert. Apparently, this video was shot before they came to the European Union and conducted attacks in the capital of France.

ISIS video features

There is no authentication of the video as yet. The new ISIS video was uploaded to the official Telegram messaging service of the terrorist group. In the video, members of the extremist group are seen in camouflaged clothes. They are threatening the heads of states of the European Union for their actions in Syria and Iraq.

Paris attacks: ISIS video

There are four men from Belgium in the new ISIS video. They are accompanied by three French and two Iraqi citizens. It is believed that the same group carried out attacks in Paris. The new ISIS video opens with the final threats of the Paris attackers before they embark on their murderous mission to Europe.

The new ISIS video also features execution through beheading and shooting. The Paris attackers are also seen taking part in these executions. One of the beheadings is apparently carried out by Bilal Hadfi who was killed in the Paris attacks.

ISIS video release

Allegedly, one of the attackers who were involved in the Bataclan theatre attacks is also featured in the new ISIS video. Omar Ismail Mostefai, a suicide bomber, is also seen in the video in which he is named Abu Rayyan Al-Faranci.

The new ISIS video has a voiceover by Abdelhamid Abaaoud – a Belgian terrorist of Moroccan origins. Abaaoud is regarded as the leader of the November Paris attackers. He later died during a police raid in Saint Denis.

Besides the threats, the new ISIS video also features CCTV footage and news clippings of the coordinated attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of 130 people and injured many others.

The video offers Arabic and French subtitle. It is claimed in the video that the threats contained within it apply to all the countries who are engaged in battling the group in Syria and Iraq.

In the new ISIS video, one can also see bull’s eye graphics that have been placed over the picture of world leaders including Francois Hollande the president of France and David Cameron the prime minister of United Kingdom.

The video ends with a text placed over David Cameron’s picture which warns that every non believer who is working against the caliphate will face death.

There has been no comment on the video from the foreign ministry of France despite request from Reuters. The UK has also refrained from making any comments, however, credible monitors of the militants’ monitoring group have confirmed that the video is authentic and an official release by the group.


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