New social media website offers unlimited freedom to users

New Social media website offers unlimited freedom to users—With users will be able to post whatever they deem fit on their social media page.

New Social media Website offers unlimited freedom to users

There are many people who are tired of losing their posting on social media pages as well as their personal accounts owing to the very strict ‘Terms of Service’.


The terms dictate that people must be prohibited from writing and sharing things that may be offensive to some people. Users are tired of having their basic rights trampled in order not to offend a little group of people.

Keeping this in view a construction worker from Southern California, Marc Sanson has created a novel social media networking website which is way better than Facebook when it comes to freedom of speech for all its users without any regard to their religious, political or cultural backgrounds.

New Social media Website offers unlimited freedom to users

Everyone is allowed to shares their opinions no matter how diverse they are. The reason why Sanson created this new social networking website is that he was extremely irritated by contemporary social media websites and their increasingly oppressive practices. These social media websites will remove a great work of art if single person reports that it offended his / her sensitivities.

The social media website will not give a second thought to the repercussions of removing this work to the original poster.

Moreover, these websites would completely delete or ban posting on fan pages. Hours of hard work are lost when the website simply decides not to publish a page without giving any reason.

As an answer to all these problems, Sanson created a new social media website This is a great opportunity for all social media users across the globes who are frustrated with the current websites and their restricting policies.

The new social media networking website has already been launched and people are getting themselves registered on it. The websites welcomes anyone who wants liberty in its most basic sense, as well as the ability to share whatever they deem fit.

According to The Common Sense Show, most people also think that Facebook is an extremist organization and American should stop using it immediately. They must choose another social media website that is not as extremist in its restriction policies at the contemporary networking websites. The answer to this dilemma is fuimpostingit, which caters to the needs of the most liberal users.

It is also alleged that Facebook bans almost all posts that reveal the criminal behaviors shown by Clinton. They also hide Obama’s failures. In short, it is a vessel if the big business corporations that carry out their work with impunity.

It has also been observed that Facebook is also being used by Israel in its propaganda campaign against Palestinians.

With, freedom of speech and freedom of expression has come the social media. Now users can easily post whatever they want without the fear that it will be removed from the site.


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Joey Rogers

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  • Kt Scarlett

    Its awesome that youve written an article about I absolutely love it. Its a site where I am free to express myself as I feel free and not be worried of judgment or being banned. You described it pretty well but you left out that it was made as a dark humor site. With the intention of letting the users post what they wanted in that category without repocussions . Want a spot to joke about the current life we all deal with every day and who causes the issues we have? This is the place to go!

    • Joey Rogers

      Thank you so much “Kt Scarlett”!!

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    Bravo Joey! Thank you for helping to bring FU to the rest of the World. I hope you have enjoyed your time with us, and will be staying around.
    #queenofhell 😉

    • Joey Rogers

      Thank you Brianna ( queenofhell ).

  • PrincessButtercup

    Great article, Joey! is my happy place. Anonymous friends accept each other openly, and freedom reigns. I can’t get enough of this site!

    • Joey Rogers

      Thank you so much my Princess! Some mornings still feel like the night before. I’m just waiting for the days I don’t miss you anymore.

  • Joey Rogers

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