Obama vs Trump: Americans will not Vote For Donald Trump

The incumbent US president Barack Obama lays to rest the Obama vs Trump phenomenon in his State of The Union address by stating that the fascist billionaire will drag America to the abyss of a dark future. However, he also stated his belief in the American voter’s ability to choose the right candidate who will lead the country towards economic prosperity and security.

Obama vs Trump

The incumbent president of America, Barack Obama said on the ‘Today’ show that Donald Trump will not be able to win the presidency. Obama told the host to talk to him if the billionaire republican manages to win the coveted post.

Obama vs Trump is currently the hottest topic on the media. During the show, the incumbent president said that the American voter will go for a candidate who manages to feed his hopes rather than cash in on their worst fears. He farther said that Americans will prefer a candidate who seeks to unite America rather than divide it, someone who is not looking for ad-hoc solutions and scapegoats. Such a person has no place in US politics. Americans are looking for a candidate who can offer comprehensive solutions that will work for the coming generations.

Without uttering the name of Donald Trump, Barack Obama made it clear that where Obama vs Trump phenomenon was concerned, the president had the upper hand. He left not a single doubt that his final address at the State of The Union becomes a rebuttal to the frontrunner of the Republican Party. The address was supposed to rupture the Obama vs Trump balloon once and for all since it was allowing the latter to accumulate unnecessary and unearned political capital at the expense of the president.

It was the last time Barack Obama was facing the Congress. The president used this opportunity to address both the chambers and warn them about the dangers of falling for Trump’s rhetoric. Trump is regularly targeting Muslims in his speeches tainting them as potential terrorists. He is also trying to malign immigrants saying that America is in a decline because of these people.

Obama, on the other hand is very optimistic about the future of America due to his belief in the integrity and intelligence of the American voter. However, he did emphasize on the need to keep united and not falling into tribes and groups based on ethnicity, religion or language. Obama said that the American dream will not survive if such thing continue to happen in America or people like Trump are allowed to prevail.

The Obama vs Trump trend has been making rounds over the internet and social media. Donald Trump also has a large fan following that apparently agrees with his views and supports his ideas.

Obama addressed these people in his speech asking them to reconsider their choices and not fall for the rhetoric that the Republican candidate is offering since it will only lead to a decay of the American Democratic system and the erosion of all the rights that the American people have won with their blood.


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