Parents Of San Bernardino Shooter On Terrorist Watch List

They could be alleged terrorists. They could buy a gun and become a danger to Americans that is why parents of San Bernardino shooter are put on terrorist watch list. The father and mother of Syed Farook have been placed on the terrorist watch list of federal agencies in the aftermath of the massacre that claimed 14 lives.

Parents of San Bernardino shooter on terrorist watch list
However, the watch list status would not hamper if one or both of them decided to buy a gun or a pistol. This is because of a loophole that still remains in the gun control legislation that would stop suspected people from purchasing guns.

This is an eye opener for all those people who don’t think gun control is necessary. This was stated by Rep. Steve Israel. Israel further said that the Republicans seem to be more inclined towards protecting the NRA rather than their own countrymen.

The ultimate tragedy is that the FBI is trying hard to attain safety for Americans by putting people like San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook, and their accomplices on watch lists there is no way of legally stopping those dangerous people from buying lethal firearms.

Only hours after the massacre, the father of the San Bernardino shooter, also named Syed Farook, said that he had no knowledge of the plot his son was hatching. However, he did agree that his son was a very religious Muslim.

The mother of the gunman also stated that she also had no clue about her son’s deadly plans. She also didn’t know that there were so many weapons stored inside the house. These statements, however, were not enough to cut their names off the list of suspected terrorist who could bring harm to Americans.

Senior Mr. Farooq remained on the watch list because he had made several trips to Pakistan. The mother became a suspect when the authorities found some items in a car that was registered in her name. The authorities are also trying to find out if the San Bernardino shooter recorded a video of the massacre.

The advocates of gun control said that the addition of these names in the watch list had exposed the paradox within the legislation. At one point we are saying that these people are very dangerous and should be kept under watch, yet we are allowing these people to buy all kinds of weapons so that they can carry out these criminal acts.

The advocates also blamed the National Rifle Association which has always brought hindrance to the efforts of introducing strict gun control laws. These lax laws have helped people like the San Bernardino shooter to gain access to lethal weapons with unbelievable ease.


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