Paris Attacks Suspect Still at Large

The 24 year old Najim Laachraoui was identified by his DNA imprints on suicide belts

Paris Attacks Suspect Still at Large

Belgian prosecutors declared in Monday that an accomplice in the November Paris attacks has been identified by police with the help of his DNA which was found on the suicide belts used by the terrorists in the attacks that resulted in 130 deaths.

The name of the person is Najim Laachraoui. He is 24 years old and is still a fugitive. He had left Syria in 2013, returning to Europe with a pseudonym. He had travelled to Hungary with Salah Abdeslam with the name of Soutane Kayal. Abdeslam is the major suspect in the Paris attacks. He was arrested in Brussels on Friday after a police raid and ensuing gunfight.

Laachraoui is a Belgian national. He rented a house in Auvelais under a false name. The house, located near the city of Namur, was used by some of the terrorists who finally carried out the Paris attacks. Another hideout near Brussels was also used by the would-be Paris attacks.

Laachraoui again used the same false identity while travelling between Hungary and Australia with Abdeslam and Mohamed Belkaid in September. Belkaid, an Algerian, was killed during a police raid in Brussels. He was found with a flag of the Islamic State, an assault rifle and ammunition.

The police believe that the attackers in Paris were constantly in contact with Laachraoui and Belkaid when the attacks were being carried out. One of them also sent a text message to Belkaid stating “we’re off, we’re starting.” This message was sent only seconds before the Paris attacks began.

Another suspect, Mohamed Abrini is also being shunted by the police. This person was also seen with Abdeslam right before the devastating attacks took place in the French capital.

It has also been revealed that another suspect was arrested with Abdeslam. This person came to Europe with migrants through a Greek Island. His true identity is still not known. He has a forged Syrian passport that shows his name as ‘Monir Ahmed Alaaj.’ He was also carrying a fake Belgian identity card depicted him as “Amine Choukri”.

France wants Abdeslam to be extradited as soon as possible but his layer Sven Mary has stated that her client will fight the extradition.
French investigators have widened their search and now believe that the network responsible for carrying out the Paris attacks was much bigger was initially thought.


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