Political Hype Continues Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

The political hype on a particular agenda continues with the on growing struggle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The first democratic debate was the first ever debate where 5 of the major presidential candidates proved their points and prospects leaving it to the public to judge. Five of the presidential candidates gathered on the same platform to confront each other’s’ statements.

Political hype continues between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

The debate was dominated by Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton proved to be an exceptionally good speaker but sander’s convincing manner of speech was influential enough to counter Clinton’s statements.

Considering the three respective candidates, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb conferred their plans and prospects but were not as persuasive as the other two.

Sanders pointed out to the unequal distribution of income. O Malley insisted on the restoration of glass-Steagall banking regulations. Clinton, cleverly maintaining a neutral stance, acknowledged both of their prospects and agreed in putting a lot of attention to the banks.

Supporting her argument, she even talked about elimination of big banks if required. Sanders gathered a lot of appreciation when he said “Congress does not regulate Wall Street; Wall Street regulates Congress”.

Sanders politically owned his opponents with his strong statement over the foreign policy insisting that he would not involve America in any hazardous situation and referred to what America did in Iraq as the worst foreign Policy blunder in the history.

His strong and influential statements were much appreciated by the audience. O Malley politically targeted Clinton with his statements on the No-fly zones in Syria.

Bernie Sanders, as usual, was firm on his remarks about protecting gun shops from law suits. O Malley referred to the fact that he had actually done something about the issue, gathered appreciation by the audience.

All of the candidates had their say on capitalism vs. socialism, Enhancing social security, providing debt-free college reproductive rights, and “crackdown” against Banks but it all wrapped up with Sanders and Clinton doing really well with their statements, prospects and counter arguments.

The progressives surely were the winners with their influential and strong arguments. It is clear with the coming arguments and the strong statements whose side will be the winning one.


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