Recognizable Signs and symptoms of skin cancer

Recognizable signs and symptoms of skin cancer; Skin cancer first develops on the face, lips, arms, hands, neck, ear, including legs which are affected from the sun. It can be harmful to all people who have dark skin tone either all skin type. Skin cancer frequently begins as changes to your skin. It can be cured when it diagnosed early.

Signs and symptoms of skin cancer:

There are many signs and symptoms of skin cancer which are also dangerous for your health. If you observe anything unusual in your skin first you should ask your doctor.

Signs and symptoms of skin cancer

Now we discuss here the types of skin cancer below here: 

Basal cell carcinoma:

This type of cells happens in that part of your body which are uncovered from suns like face or neck. This has obvious signs and symptoms of skin cancer. It appears as:

  • Soft and shining
  • It may look waxy
  • It shows as a hard, red lump
  • You experience bleeding sometimes
  • Feel irritation
  • A smooth, red-colored or brown mark similar to injury

Basal cell carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma:

This type of cancer cells also produced on sun-exposed areas of your body like hands, ear, and face. Who have dark skin tone they have developed squamous cell carcinoma in their body. In these cells, different signs and symptoms of skin cancer have been showed.
It may appear as:

  • It looks rough
  • Have a firm, horny cap
  • Skin swelled from in the part of the cancer
  • You also feel tender when to touch to your skin
  • Sometimes bleeding
  • A firm, red lump
  • A smooth scratch with a peeling crusted surface

Squamous cell carcinoma

Melanoma signs and symptoms of skin cancer:

Melanoma can occur anyplace of your body, on normal skin cells or in an existing mole that turns out to be cancerous. Melanoma mainly shows on the face or the chest. This type of cancer grows on the lower legs of women. For men and women, it may happen on that part of your skin which has been sun-exposed. This cancer has developed on every skin type. Who has dark complexion melanoma has happened on palms, soles, under nails or under toe-nails.

Melanoma skin cancer

Signs and symptoms of skin cancer in Melanoma:

  • You observe large brownish marks with shady blemish
  • A mole that transforms in size, color, or you feel bleeds
  • Small cuts with uneven edges and parts that show in different colors white, blue, red, or black

If you observe any of these signs and symptoms of skin cancer you should go for a checkup and discuss this with your doctor or physician.


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