A Series of Syria Bombings Claim Dozens of Lives

The blasts occurred in different places and inflicted sizeable damage. The state media reported on Monday that Around 38 people lost their lives in a series of Syria bombings in the government held areas of the city.

Syria Bombings

The observatory for Human Rights monitoring group which is an organization based in Britain reported that the death toll was higher–around 49 people.


The Syrian observatory for Human Rights maintains a comprehensive network of contact within the embattled country. There have also been instances before when conflicting reports of casualties have been reported by different media outlets.

The SANA news agency reported Syria bombings in Tartus which is a coastal city. Moreover, there were blast in Homs city, the north-eastern city of Hasakah and the suburbs of the capital city Damascus.

Syria bombings were carried out when attackers detonated two bombs to the entrance of Tartus–a government stronghold. The blasts occurred on the international coastal highway. The death toll as reported by SANA, was 30 people.

The first car bomb went off on the Arzoneh Bridge. It was followed by another suicide bomber who was wearing an explosive belt. His target was a crowd that had gathered at the site. Tartus is home to a big naval base belonging to Russia. It is also a stronghold of the embattled president Bashar Al Assad.

The Syrian observatory for Human Rights reported that the two blasts killed at least 38 people. Dozens of people were also injured. An army colonel was also among one of the dead.

The governor of Homs–the capital of the province-stated that a car bomb went off near a military checkpoint. Two soldiers were killed and four were injured.

One of the wounded is in a critical condition as the result of the Syria bomb blast. Homs is the third largest city of the country is under government control except for one area which is controlled by the opposition. The bomb blast occurred in the government controlled district. As per the Syrian observatory, four soldiers lost their lives.

The Syrian TV also showed footage in which the area can be seen after sustaining heavy damage. Several smashed cars could be easily seen in the footage.

In Hasakah, a person detonated a motorbike in the Marcho roundabout. Five people were immediately killed. Government troops had recently left the area after fighting several battles with the Kurdish militia, YPG.

The city is currently under the control of the YPG and its political wing, the PYD. The Syrian observatory stated that three persons belonging to the Kurdish police were killed.

The state television, SANA also reported a blast in the Sabbourah suburb of Damascus. It took one life. As per the observatory, three people were killed. ISIS has claimed for the Syrian bombings.


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