Telstra Subscribers Face Another Outage

The communications giant is set to lose face as it faces a second devastating outage within two months. Data and mobile phone outages are being reported in Telstra network throughout Australia.

Telstra Subscribers face another outage

Users in several parts of the country including Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities and regions were not able to connect to the network either for making calls or using the internet through the Telstra services. The problem began at around 6:30 in the evening.

Telstra post paid service has seen a second outage in its post paid services during the span of last two months. The actual gravity of the situation could be observed by reading comments on the Facebook page of the Sydney Morning Herald which made it clear that the problem was being experienced on a national scale.

Customers from all corners of Australia confirmed on social media that they were not getting full service. It took the company full three hours after the reporting of the outage to confirm that it was looking into the Telstra network outage problem and working towards its resolution.

The company further stated through its social media account that it was restoring services gradually and normal service will soon be returned. Telstra mobile service is regarded as a telecommunication giant.

It revealed that a previous network problem in February occurred due to a human error which eventually affected hundreds of thousands of subscribers for many hours. An engineer with the company had unknowingly switched off a core node. During the beginning of the current month, another 500,000 pre-paid users of Telstra services also experienced problems.

Telstra has always been accused of charging premium prices from its subscribers owing to its wide network and superior service. If the company fails to come up with a plausible explanation for the current outage, it will be face with a damaged reputation while rival telecommunication services like Vodafone and Singtel-Opus will hugely benefit from the episode.

This is why a spokesperson for the company said that it was fully aware of the problems faced by its subscribers in making calls and receiving them, and using the internet.

The spokesperson also apologized to its customers for the inconvenience caused due to the outage while promising that the service will be fully restored.


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