The Real Face of Donald Trump Exposed

  • How best you can describe the real face of Donald Trump?
  • Is he a fascist, an extremist, a racist, or simply something else?

The Real Face of Donald Trump Exposed

The real face of Donald Trump has been revealed to the general public who thinks he is a billionaire with a penchant for drama. And of course, his many affairs with some of the top models of their times, lets you know that he is also a playboy.

Some of the most respected journalists in America pointed out that he is an extreme nationalist, racist, and a bigot. A journalist described his supporters as thugs and hooligans.


And what about the people who support Donald Trump?

No doubt, those people of American society who also has agree extreme views have been attracted by Trump’s emotional speeches and statements against the Muslims.

As regards the true face of Donald Trump, a politician disclosed that is the leader of a cult of personality. People used to believe that voters usually respond to a candidate that is consistent and predicable.

Trump has laid to rest these beliefs. He is constantly changing his opinions about everything so that it would suit the political wind at any given time. He never apologizes and has no shame for his changing opinions. The media tries not to hold him accountable for these actions.

Being flexible in the wake of changing political environment is always considered as a mark of wisdom, but Trump does not do it because he becomes nay wiser. He does it because he sees an opportunity and does not want to let go of it. That makes him an opportunity as well. He would do anything to get what he wants.

Donald Trump is also the name of a brand which is highly demanded. By virtue of being a TV personality, he is able to conjure his media tricks and apply them to another aspect of the American life.

Moreover, the real face of Donald Trump shows a political thug the likes of which have never been seen in modern American history.

His rallies do provide an inkling of what is to come if he is elected to the US presidency. These gatherings are violent and threatening to anyone who chooses to voice his criticism of Trump’s racism, bigotry and opportunism.

What is more? Trump encourages this violent behavior by making promises to pay the legal expenses incurred by anyone who attacks protestors and teaches them some lessons.

He would not stop here but make fun of the violence and show nostalgia for the days when protestors had to be carried out in stretchers.

Trump’s disdain for immigrants and Muslims is something that everyone knows. He hates, Muslims, immigrants, blacks and almost everyone.

He also used abusive language in threatening style against the Mexico by calling them “rapists”. His supporters have assaulted people who they deemed a threat to the American way of life.

The corporate media in America has played a pivotal role in his rise to power until today; he has become one of the two candidates set to win the presidency.

Undoubtedly, real face of the Donald Trump has now been exposed.


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