Donald Trump disagrees with running mate over Syria

Trump disagrees on Syria is very clear. Like Hillary Clinton he agrees that no fly zones should be established in the country.

Donald Trump disagrees with running mate over Syria

However, Donald Trump remarks on Syria have made it very clear that he does not agree with mate Mike when the latter said that the US should use military force against the regime of Bashar Al Assad.

Trump made it clear that he hadn’t had a discussion with Pence regarding the issue but Trump disagrees with the idea. Trump further said that rather than fighting the Assad regime and Russia, America should be focusing on working with them against the IS.

He further remarked that Assad and his allies were only killing Islamic State members. This maybe an erroneous statement on the part of the presidential hopeful because though Assad and his allies have fought the Islamic State in Syria in the eastern parts of the country, they have mostly stayed out of the way of the terrorist group.

Likewise, Russia has also carried out a few airstrikes against the group but most of the Russian bombs have hit civilians and moderate rebel groups backed by the West.

When asked how he would stop the slaughtering of innocent civilians in Syria Aleppo, Trump disagreed again saying that the northern city has already been lost. He again reiterated the point that American should keep focused on the Islamic State.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton said that no fly zones should be established in Syria in order to protect hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped inside Aleppo. Trump said that he wanted no fly zones but they should not be paid for by American taxpayer’s money. People within the region must pay for these no fly zones.

Donald Trump further said that people in the Middle East had ‘all kinds of money’ yet they were unwilling to carry their own weight.
The safe zones refer to the area inside Syria where millions of refugees could return and stay in safety.

These no fly zones will be patrolled by Western aircrafts and would guarantee safety from Russian and Syrian bombs. These zones will also allow rebels to reassemble and resupply.

Donald Trump disagreed again with the policy of the incumbent president and criticized him for trumpeting the coming offensive on Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul.

This culminated in a heated argument with Martha Raddatz who said that this was psychological warfare and the president only wanted to get the civilians within the city out of the firing line.


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