Trump: the misfortune of the US

The misfortune of the US; The billionaire from New York has set in motion a chain of events that can destroy the very foundations of the American society.

Trump: the misfortune of the US

One should not feel ashamed if they do not know what ‘Brexit’ actually means and what the fuss is all about Britain leaving the EU. I mean, Britain is in Europe. It cannot simply change this fact and go locate itself on another continent.

On the other side of the Atlantic, a great misfortune has befallen America. Its name is Donald Trump. Though, he has remote chances of being elected the president of the most powerful nation on Earth, but still he commands a sizeable number of votes and the unthinkable just might happen. Who knows?

Why is Donald Trump a misfortune for the Americans?

First of all, Trump’s economic plans for the future are simply disastrous. It would be wiser to say that he has no economic plans at all.

Second, he is an unpredictable person who changes his views and statements on a regular basis. And third, he is a racist. He hates Muslims, Hispanics, and Afro-Americans and just about everyone else who does not conform to his narrow ideas of an American.

Right after the Orlando Massacre, Donald Trump simply declared that no Muslims should be allowed to enter the US. On the other side of the bi-partisan divide, Hillary is also not doing well since her coronation as the Candidate of the Democratic Party was threatened by Bernie Sanders who tried his best to stage a coup.

There are some people who will argue that the Trump campaign, Brexit campaign and even Bernie Sanders almost successful revolts are all due to the skillful use of the social media. These people are not getting the point.

The great misfortune is that the social media has nothing to do with it. In fact, there is a political shift on a global scale which is manifest on the Brexit vote. This shit has much larger consequences than the Britain leaving Europe or the Upcoming US elections.

The shift is driven by economics where the current order has failed to support the traditional ways of doing business in the developed countries. The resultant is a wave of populist movements across the US and Britain who are angry at the ever-rising inequality. Their targets are immigrants, the social elite and proponents of globalization.

A Trump presidency will not save America, since he has simply no idea what is going on. This was evident in his Brexit response which was not only tragic. It was funny. He is a manifestation of the populist movements originating from the right. These movements always do great during an economic upheaval like the one we are seeing in Europe.

Even if Americans do not choose the misfortune that has befallen them, they will have to analyze thoroughly, how the like of Donald Trump got so close to the presidency.


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