Two Critical Issues Resolved New Android Update

Android introduced a new patch on November 1, 2015 that fixed almost 23 vulnerabilities. Among those two were given the status of critical. The most critical security issue was allowing remote code execution through MMS, email and web browsing. The second critical issue was a problem with Android OEM causing visual clutters and update delays.

Two Critical Issues Resolved New Android Update

The patch also fixed another recently found bug in the Stage-fright library, recorded as high rather than critical because of its remote execution was not easy. This new patch was directly installed to Nexus devices.

Google’s internal security teams routinely keeps on researching to fix any bugs found by introducing patches time to time. It’s also reported that an audit report of Galaxy S published about 11 vulnerabilities was also took attention of the security team other than the reports collected from other partners such as Trend Micro and Keen Team. The patches were published to the Android Open Source Project’s code repository.

There is nothing new about bugs surfacing in android and it’s not a worrisome matter either because mostly it these bugs are addressed a lot before most of the users become aware of it. After the Marshmallow release it’s the 2nd monthly update. Android security has started its monthly schedule recently and it was it’s the fourth monthly update since then. The same thing goes true for IOS that fixed almost 50 issues within a month of its release.

Most of the devices has already get this patch installed and rest will get it in a day or two. Every Android user whose phone is running Marshmallow can check if he or she has got it installed by going to setting menu and checking the status of Android Security Patch Level. If it shows any date later than October 31 then patch is installed. Those who still haven’t got it in place in their devices can check the following link to know when their Marshmallow running device will be updated.

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First android version was released in September 2008. Since then Android has undergone through several updates developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA).The most recent major Android update is Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”, which was released in October 2015 with a lot of tweaks and fixes for better user experience. One interesting feature is the app Drawer’s new layout which has made looking for applications easier and quicker.


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