US-Israel Protects Islamic State Terrorism

Islamic State terrorism is creation of the US and its ally Israel. There is little doubt that the Islamic State group is currently the most feared extremist group in the whole world.

US-Israel Protects Islamic State Terrorism

It is also regarded as the richest of such groups with its tentacles in every part of the world including America, Europe and Africa. Islamic State terrorism is something that did not just came out of nowhere.

In fact, US and Israel are supporting this extremist group with money and logistics so that it can wreak havoc in the Middle East without impunity.

Let us first discuss how this deadly group came into being. When America invaded Iraq in 2003, it immediately disbanded Iraq’s army and sent hundreds of thousands of professional soldiers home.

These highly trained army personnel had no job and no means to carry on with their lives. Then, America imprisoned several of them with known religious extremists in camp Bucca.

It became a fertile ground where extremist individuals and former army personnel met with each other and planned how they were going to take over the entire country.

Only years later, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant came into being spearheaded by the former Iraqi military officials.The group pulled out of the ashes of post war Iraq and invaded Syria which was already experiencing a gruesome civil war.

From its bases in Syria, the Islamic State invaded Iraq’s second largest city Mosul. When the world finally realized what a monster Americans had created, it was too late to stop it.

Israel claims that it is in a mortal struggle with the Islamic State, yet there have been irrefutable evidences that it not only offers support to the group, it also reaps the benefit from its actions.

Islamic State terrorism has hit several countries in the West. The latest ISIS terror threat came in the wake of the Orlando shooting which claimed 50 innocent lives, and was later claimed by this extremist group.

A journalist for the famous Daily Mail reported recently that Israeli troops are running secret missions to save the lives of IS fighters in Syria. Apparently, all these fighters are Israel’s sworn enemies.

It has been said by several analysts that Israel and America are in cohorts with these terrorists and are actively supporting them in their crimes so that the image of Muslims can be tarnished all over the world.

Israel also wants to show the world that all Muslims are killers so that it can continue to subdue innocent Palestinians. In fact, Israel has already decided to breakup Syria and Iraq into smaller states so that it can easily control all of them.


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