US President Slaps New Sanctions on North Korea after Nuke Test

On Wednesday, the US president slapped more sanctions on North Korea after the recent ballistic and nuclear tests conducted by the country.

US President Slaps New Sanctions on North Korea after nuke test

The sanction will result in blocking of specific transactions involving properties owned by the Worker’s Party and the government of North Korea.

The US new sanctions – regarded as the toughest in decades – confirm to the United Nations Security Council resolution that was unanimously adopted during the month. The hermit kingdom has been constantly defying the world powers by carrying out nuke tests.

Separate US new sanctions against the country were also levied during the previous month. President Obama had merged both the sanction by signing an executive order. This will allow the American government to implement the sanctions which will come effective from Wednesday.

The press secretary of the White House released a written statement which announced the president’s decision. The statement read that the sanctions have been enacted in order to pressure the regime in North Korea.

It further said that the global community will not sit on the backgrounds as North Korea conducts these ballistic and nuclear tests. It will have to pay the costs associated with such activities until the regime decides to comply with its international obligations.

A vote was conducted in the UN which showed that there is anger in the member countries against repeated actions that mock the nuclear ban imposed on it. The Security Council also sought new North Korea sanctions. These sanctions include inspections to be conducted on every cargo that leaves or enter the country by any means of transport.

All the diplomats from North Korea who are suspected of ‘illicit activities’ will be expelled. There will be a complete ban of sales of any kind of weapon to North Korea.

Barack Obama had signed another legislation in mid-February that denied money to North Korea for developing nuclear warheads, and the missiles that would be used to deliver them to their targets. Fifty million dollars were put aside for transmitting radio messages into the country for the next five years. The money will also be utilized for providing humanitarian assistance.

The latest North Korea sanctions came on the same day an American student, Otto Warmbier was handed over a 15 year hard labor sentence by the North Korea’s highest court. Warmbier was accused of stealing a political banner from a hotel.


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