US and Russia facing off in Syria

Chatham House has revealed that Russia has routinely acted in ways that are against the understanding reached between the US and Russia. Russian aircrafts are regularly provoking Americans in Syria despite a MoU signed last October

US and Russia facing off in Syria

A recent analysis has revealed that Russia may have done away with an agreement with America allowing its jets to execute simulated attacks on US warplanes in Syria.

Only last week, America had claimed that Russia was carrying out aggressive maneuvers in the Syrian airspace. The accusation came after two Russian strike aircraft came within only thirty feet of a US destroyer stationed in the Baltic Sea.

It has also been observed that Russian combat aircraft’s are regularly probing the air defenses of all those European countries that are part of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Last year, Russia and America had held high level talks that were supposed to prevent such incidents in Syria. A memorandum of Understanding was also signed by the two powers in October.

The MoU states that all aircrafts will maintain a reasonable distance from each other. Moreover, communications between all the aircrafts over Syrian skies will be carried out in English language.

The channels used for this communication will be recognized ones.
A recent analysis carried out by Chatham House has revealed that Russia has routinely acted in ways that are against the understanding reached between the US and Russia.

As the Russian jets pound opposition forces in Syria, they have also been involved in bullying Western aircrafts in the area. There are continuous provocations by Russians which seem to be testing the resolve of their adversaries.

After the MoU was signed between America and Russia in October, the US sent 12 warplanes to Southern Turkey. Most of these aircrafts are air to air combat fighters. Russia may be seeing the US planes as a threat. Russian pilots are specifically targeting the newly arrived US planes for simulated attacks.

Russia has already lost an aircraft which was shot by Turkey when it entered Turkish airspace and failed to respond to repeated warnings.

Western countries are fearful that a similar incident will not only result in unnecessary loss life and hardware, it may also trigger another international conflict.

Despite Russian announcement if a withdrawal from Syria ,the Kremlin is still maintaining at least twenty fighter jets in the country that are regularly involved in bombing operations in Syria.


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