10 Best TV Shows That Could Help You to Crawl Out From Depression

Everybody has time in their lives where they don’t feel great and the only thing they wish to do is stay at home and just spend time in front of their computers. TV show can be a great way to help you take your mind off of your problems and get some much needed laughs.

If you’re on the lookout for series which will help keep you company when you don’t feel the best, here are 10 TV shows to choose from which you are definitely going to love.

1. How I Met Your Mother

This TV show is truly one of the best shows to help you see how everyone on that show supported each other and accepted them for their own unique personalities. That can truly help anyone with a low self-esteem feel that things will just be okay.

 2. Supernatural

If there’s any show that could help you see how every situation can turn into something positive, it has to be Supernatural. Despite the dark storylines, this TV show truly shows just how persistent the Winchesters are and how much they care about their family more than anything.

3. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is one of those shows that can truly take your mind off of things when you need it. Every episode ends on a positive note and it can also help you see just how Morty deals with his own anxiety when he and his grandpa embark in their crazy, intergalactic adventures.

4. Sense8

A show that has a lot to teach you about family and mutual support, Sense8 truly accepts everyone as they are and makes no discriminations. It will make you feel like a part of the cluster and you will just bond so much for the characters and their stories that you will enjoy every minute of this TV show.

 5. Friends

One of the most classic comedies, Friends can truly help you get some much needed giggles on some difficult days. This show combines all these different personalities and types of people which can help you see how everyone can be accepted and make something of themselves, no matter their quirks.

6. Modern family

This show is one of the best options to watch when you’re feeling down. This crazy family is just going to make you laugh and lift your mood when you are in need of something fun to watch.

7. The Office

The Office is a TV show that will keep you company when you need to watch something that will help you relax and have a laugh. You will not have to worry about the laughing track making you nervous and you can just enjoy 20 minutes of great comedy.

8. Doctor Who

In this amazing show, every adventure is unique and there will always be a way to save the day and make things right again. This TV show has kept many of us great company and will help you see the brighter side of things. If the doctor can find a solution to the most difficult of problems, then so can you

9. Pokémon

One of the best ways to help you feel relaxed and instantly put a smile on your face is by watching one of your favorite childhood shows.

Pokémon is a series that played an important part in many of our childhoods and watching it can help you think about all the things you loved about being a kid.

10. Simpsons

One of the classic cartoons that really don’t require a lot of thinking to understand is definitely this one.  Sometimes, you just need to watch something that will make you giggle and not have to think and that will do just that. The Simpsons will help you sit back and just clear your mind from all your thoughts.

In Summation

If you’re feeling down and are in need of a show to uplift your spirits, this list is bound to help you find the perfect show to keep you company. Difficult times don’t last forever and you need to find a way to make yourself feel happy again in order to start getting over it.

Make sure to always surround yourself with people who care about you and keep staying positive. Laughter is said to be the best medicine so keep making yourself laugh and you will be able to overcome any problem.

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