10 Reasons How Chicken Can Help to Lose Weight

Ask a meat lover and they will tell you how much they love chicken. It’s the most commonly consumed poultry around the world. Not only does it have a great taste but it also has numerous health benefits.

Chicken Can Help to Lose Weight

Yes, chicken bred in unhygienic farms can be unhealthy but if you are getting it from the right place, this lean meat can help you lose weight. Surprised already? Wait till you hear how it can help you with your weight loss goals.

Losing weight requires exercise, healthy food choices, and obviously, you have to watch your calorie intake. To successfully lose weight, you have to be careful about what you eat. Chicken is a healthy choice. No wonder people admire it as much as they admire Frontier bundle packages. Here are 10 ways it can help you lose weight:

#1: It’s Rich in Protein

There are 31 grams of protein in 100 grams of chicken breast. Protein is essential in sustaining muscle and building strength. If you want to lose weight, you need strength and muscles to sustain good health. The daily recommended amount of protein is 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight or 0.4 gram per pound of the body weight.

#2: It Promotes Healthy Bones

Chicken is full of calcium and phosphorus. That’s probably why your mom gives you chicken soup when you are sick. These minerals make your bones healthy. So you won’t just be losing weight, you will have healthy bones. This is also going to cut the risk of developing arthritis in the long run.

#3: It is Lean Meat

Ask yourself, have you ever seen a healthy plate of food without chicken? It’s always a part of the healthy diet. That is because it is lean meat. It does not have extra fats. Eating lean meat regularly help lose weight in a healthy way.

#4: It’s a Stress Reliever

Vitamin B5 and tryptophane are active ingredients that reduce stress. Chicken contains a good amount of both items. It also contains magnesium that can help relieve PMS symptoms. You will be losing weight without becoming anxious or stressed out.

#5: It Boots Immunity

Why do doctors recommend chicken soup to recover whenever you have a cold and flu? It is because chicken can boost your immune cells. The steam from the soup will clear your nasal passage as well. It helps recover from infections. But that doesn’t mean eating deep-fried chicken could help boost immunity, too.

#6: It Is Easy On Your Wallet 

Chicken is not only great because it helps you reduce your waistline. It is great because it’s cheap. You can save a significant amount of money if you stop consuming other meats and invest in chicken only. once you start eating healthy meals made at home, who knows you could save enough to pay for your gym membership.

#7: It is Full of Nutrients

Chicken is rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B3, B6, B7, and B12. These nutrients help boost your immune system and metabolism rate.

When combined with other fruits, whole grains, and vegetables, you will get proper nutrition. Grilled chicken breasts with brown rice and steamed vegetables is a complete and wholesome meal. It is less in calories not in nutrients. In other words, with chicken, you will lose weight in a healthy way.

#8: So Much Variety

Chicken is known as the black dress of protein, it goes with everything. You can grill, bake or steam it. It tastes great with a salad. If you want something flavorful, you can also make fajita. There is so much variety when it comes to cooking dishes with chicken. You won’t get tired of it. You will have a diet plan with variations. It won’t be so hard to stay motivated.

#9: It Reduces Cholesterol

Red meat such as pork, lamb, and beef contains statured fat and cholesterol. Chicken, on the other hand, has a lower amount of cholesterol. The American Heart Association (AHA) has advised us to consume fish or chicken instead of red meat to reduce the risk of developing cholesterol and keep away from heart diseases. However, that does not mean we are free to eat as much chicken or fish as we like. The AHA has advised to consume them at a normal level as they can also make you develop heart diseases.

#10: It’s Part of Popular Dietary Trends

Popular diets such as Weight Watchers, Dukan, DASH, Paleo, etc. all include chicken. If you are on any of these diets, most of the recipes will include chicken.  

Summing Up

Going on a diet to lose weight does not mean you cannot enjoy good food anymore. Yes, you have to watch your calories and eliminate sugar from your life but there are healthy ways of doing that. Chicken is here to save the day. You will enjoy eating a variety of foods full of flavor mixed with fruits and veggies.

Chicken helps you reduce weight in a healthy way but don’t expect the results to be fast like the Frontier FiOS speeds. You will have to give it some time.

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