10 Top Tips For Chatline Dating

If you are tired of online dating or have decided it’s not for you, why not give chatline dating a chance? With the service, you can chat to potential dates in real-time from your phone!

Tips For Chatline Dating

Here are ten tips for successful dating on free chat line numbers:

1. Don’t rule out potential dates because you don’t vibe with the sound of their voice. People can often sound completely different in person to what they do during a phone call. So, if you sense a connection in other areas, be sure to meet up before ruling them out.

2. Once you decide to meet up in person with a potential future lover, take your own personal safety seriously. Inform a friend about your whereabouts and be sure to meet in a public place during daylight hours.

3. Never give out any personal details on chatline. You can make arrangements to meet up in person via the chatline service, but be cautious about sharing any personal information.

4. Setup a separate mailbox so potential dates can leave messages for you when you’re offline. It’s really easy to do, and having your own account number and access pin is kind of special.

5. Take your time record a polished audio or video message introducing yourself. Be sure not to make it too rambly and long, but at the same time, you need to give people insights into your personality.

6. If you are too nervous to speak to people in real-time right away, you can send recorded voice messages to their inboxes or even use chatline’s text chat services. Many people prefer to communicate via text instead of voice, so don’t be shy.

7. A picture is a vital part of your profile, as it can communicate a thousand words. Upload a nice photo of yourself, so interested parties can visualize who they are speaking to. Please make an effort to keep your picture PG-rated; otherwise, it won’t get through the moderation process.

8. If anyone is insulting, rude or obscene, be sure to report them to the moderation team and block them from connecting with you.

9. If you plan to use the service of a regular basis, it could be worth creating a pre-paid credit card account, so you can avail of cheaper rates and get more talk minutes for your hard-earned cash.

10. Remember to relax and have fun. Dating should not feel like a chore. Relax, chat, and enjoy being yourself and connecting with like-minded people. Who knows, you might just meet someone special.

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