11 Ways to Start Making Money from Scratch on the Internet

In the wake of covid-19 so many people have started looking at options to supplement or change their income streams here are some online businesses that will enable you to generate passive income. However the reality is any business takes hard work and focus so find something that you are passionate about and see how you can use it as a skill on the below business options.

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Here you can find any information, make new friends, as well as make good money and even build a business.

Consider options that will help you succeed.

  1. Blogging and content generation

If you have knowledge to share and can well reflect your thoughts on “paper” you should start creating your own blog. If you don’t like typing there are many social services like Facebook and youtube where you can host video and live streams content onto the same platform you use to promote it.

To work with a content stream, you many need to initially invest some time in mastering text and image editors, and understand the functions that are provided by the platform of your site for managing content.

Content creators can make good money on advertising and just providing news, reviews, insights, guides and sometimes just fun things. This type of income can bring you a decent income provided you maintain original work and keep pushing.


  1. Expert assistance

Having certain professional knowledge and skills (for example, a doctor, lawyer, etc.), you can earn money on specialized sites by providing qualified advice. In this case, a certain percentage of income will be taken away by the online platform itself, which provides the possibility of earning. Such sites can be considered not only as a way to earn money from scratch, but also as a tool to get new customers.

To get the desired rating for earning on these sites, you will first have to provide advice for free or for little money. At this stage, you can get the location of customers and “feed” customers.

  1. Freelancing

This category presents a huge selection of options that allow you to earn from scratch on remote work. Here you can quickly earn income. To work remotely, you need to register on a special Internet exchange or search for an employer yourself. You can earn in several ways without leaving your home.

  1. Development of paid training courses

Each of us has some knowledge and unique experience. Thanks to digital technology, we can share this with other people and make good money. If you can easily present your knowledge to other people, then it makes sense to do information business.

First, you need to spend time developing a training course. The material may include video tutorials, descriptions and books with various tips. The level of such a course depends on the capabilities of the author, but you need to consider that you can earn only on high-quality material.

  1. Participation in online surveys

This is a quick way to earn from scratch, but income will be minimal. The essence of the method is that if you meet certain requirements, you go through a survey and get $0.14-$0.7 for it. For a day in this way, you can earn from $0.7 to $4.

  1. Filling captcha 

Webmasters offer payment for the fact that the contractor will recognize alphanumeric combinations that cannot be entered automatically. Filling a captcha will allow you to earn without investments. This monotonous activity can bring from $0.27 to $0.7.

  1. Writing comments

Owners of Internet resources, in order to increase the rating and ensure activity on their site, are willing to pay for writing comments. Payment for such work is several dollars for a small comment. Utilizing websites like Fiverr.com  you can easily generate income and learn the tricks of the trade.

  1. Product reviews 

Many companies order reviews of their products or services. If you do not want to write “custom” reviews, you can earn money by honestly describing your experience in using a particular product.

  1. Watching video clips

You can earn from scratch by watching a video and connecting your friends to this process. In the beginning, income will start from $0.7. In a day, such work can be found on the sites of Forums, Cashbox, etc.

  1. Installing applications

Installing applications in the AppStore or Google Play, you can get about $30-$40 per month. The first experience is best gained on services such as Advertapp and Payforinstall.

  1. Winning International Lotteries

All you need is just one lottery win and none of this list will matter, with that kind of action you can do whatever you want for the rest of your life. To formulate a strategy to maximize playing small bids across many international draws. Buy tickets online because they are easier to track after each draw and you don’t have to stand in queues to purchase tickets given the present state of our society.

I hope this list was valuable to you and it will get you the kind of income you desire. All the best in these uncertain times stay safe.

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